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Henceforth, this shall be the official thread in which bugs present in pre-release Telepath Tactics builds are reported.

And the people rejoiced.

EDIT: The game is released! Retiring this thread now. :)

When uninstalling the game, the game directory is left intact after the process is complete. Not sure if this is merely how Windows decides to uninstall software, but the TT Public Demo Installer makes a fuss over it when you go to re-install the game. It required me to open up Command Prompt and manually remove the directory before the installer would work again.


--- Quote from: CraigStern on February 18, 2013, 09:39:47 PM ---[...]
And the people rejoiced.

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Yeaaaaaaaah! :)
And finally, a place for the TT bugs... look: one just arrived! :P

(OK, from now on I'll stick to the topic.)

I'm afraid it's an AI bug this time. I decided to start recording, albeit in a little low quality and FPS, when I play around. Caught this one in "Local Match".

After a while into the game, the AI will stop moving, stop using items, and just hang. The only way out is to force the game closed. Here is the last minute of 15 minutes of gameplay, if you'd like to see what I mean.

(Note: As of posting, the video clip is still processing through Dropbox. The link will be broken until it's done. Sorry.)

Thanks. In the video, the AI stopped taking its turn after using Steel Plate. Does this ever happen when the AI isn't using items?


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