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Really odd bug.  Just downloaded and installed new version.

On a local match, an enemy Spirit used Transfer on a Bowman.  Then, another enemy Spirit also used Transfer.  Not sure if any actually transferred, but it killed the Bowman, the screen shook, and several others had damage numbers appear on them.  The 'killing' Spirit did not get damaged, but 2 other Spirits on the map took 1 damage and a Stone Golem took 7.

I guess transferring to a person with full Energy causes a glitch?  Not sure why they were using it on a Bowman in the first place, either.

In the attached, I circled where I think the killed Bowman was as well as the injured Spirits.  I have the injured Stone Golem's HP showing.  (The others were not hurt, but I'm not sure if they were showing on the screen when the Bowman died.  It was around the middle of the enemy's turn.)

Edit: to clarify, no other units got injured.  None of my were on the screen when the Spirit transferred, though.  I'm not sure if uninjured enemy units were or weren't on the screen.

Edit 2: later, an enemy Swordsman used sword on one of my unit, and it also damaged one of the enemy units and an item bag (the number appeared on it, but nothing happened to the bag.)  Screen shook again.

Another example of the above: the stone golem did one of its attacks (didn't catch which) and every unit was damaged which I circled.  The ground that is unoccupied had damage numbers appear, but I didn't check to see if it was actually hit.
(I would have just modified the above, but I couldn't seem to upload a picture when editing a former post.)

Also, unrelated: that golem stuck in the moving animation stayed in that moving animation, even after the turn ended.  Also, it happened again that a couple units, upon moving out of lava, left an afterimage.  The afterimage vanished when a new turn began.

Thirdly, and perhaps not a bug: a few tiles 'died' due to the Burning status, including the one the Bowman who is in the lava was on.  When his tile died due to burning, he suffers no ill effects; i.e., he didn't take the 20 fire damage from lava until the next turn began.

Edit: both were on v0.455.367

Edit 2: Happened again on Donut Tower, but with an extra find.  An enemy Stone Golem punched a charge my Engineer had made.  Damaged the charge, but also damaged the two or three units past the charge (like in 'another example.jpg'). 
Also, when I had my unit destroy the charge on the next round, it did 20 damage to the units around it and 100 to the ground (which I assume is normal), but then the game froze.  The unit that destroyed it (a Spearman) was still glowing like he was active.  I hit F1 then Resume, and could still move the Spearman, but if I tried to use an item it said I could not because I already attacked... so something about that let me move after attacking to destroy the charge.


Two things.
Counter-attacks: it seems that if I miss on hitting someone (they Dodge), the person I was trying to hit does not counterattack.  I attacked a Lizardman (first attack against it that round), it Dodged, but it did not counterattack.
Also, and I forget if I mentioned this before, but if a Spiked Barricade is destroyed, it does not get to damage the person who destroyed it.  Seems like it should.
(It is correct that a Bowman cannot counterattack when hit by someone in the square next to them due to his attack being 2+ spaces, right?)

Pushing bug: the screenshot isn't the best.
The Pyro was originally where the Skia now is.  I pushed it down to where the red circle is.  A Frost Spriggat was there at the time.  The Pyro got moved to the side and landed where the green circle is.  He did not fall to the water below.
(I don't recall if either took damage or was stunned from the fall or collision.)
On his turn, he moved as the green arrow shows and proceeded to attack.

Also, I think there was some glitch going on with his Energy that let him use the expensive power (Pyro Hail?) twice in a row without using items, but I saw Focus Pills in his inventory, so maybe I just missed his grabbing the item bag or using the item.

v0.455.368 (new download)

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it's something interesting with building bridges.  I was curious what would happen if I connected two bridges starting from different elevations.

In Donut Tower, I started making a bridge from the top of the tower downward.  (There were two enemy units in the two middle parts of the water at the time, where bridges are currently in the screenshot.  (The enemies were not there when I made bridges.)  As a note, I was able to hit the one that was where the item bag is with a Wrench from the bridge tile north of it.  Not sure if that matters or not.)

Anyway, I built the bridge by going down, as shown by the yellow arrow from the top down.  Then, I created a bridge from the bottom of the map, as shown by the second yellow arrow pointing up.  But I cannot move onto that bridge from the bottom.

v 0.455.374

Sometimes, if an enemy unit moves, the game freezes.  Hitting F1 + Resume lets it unfreeze, but the enemy doesn't act.  I have to choose an enemy and move it.  (No choice to use actions.)  Sometimes the AI takes over at that point, another time I had to move a couple enemy units.  This seems to happen only when lizardmen or stone golems act (I haven't seen all unit types to know it doesn't happen with others, but this bug only seems to trigger when one of those moves.  The stone golems moved, but the game froze before they turns gray.  The lizardman turned gray before the game froze.)

Unlike past times an error like this came up, enemy units I moved would move if they had move left over.  Also, the bug never occurred past the first round the enemy AI acted (whether it was player 1 or 2.)  I tested this in Donut Tower and the Tavern (one human vs one AI).


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