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i have had the exploding barrels a couple times, i have not successfully destoryed any barrel with making the game hang, this was on the dawby map and the impaler map

Hm, okay--I'll figure out the problem. Thanks for the bug reports!

The game also slows down for me when destroying barrels in the impaler mission, also a graphic bug occurs.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! (Refer to attached images where applicable)

Negative Health
     I believe I've reported this before. I don't know if you've been too busy to look at it, but here's another couple instances.

     In NegativeHealth3.PNG the two swordsmen to the North and West of the indicated Psy Healer had attacked said Healer.The next turn the Healer walked away and brought it's health back up to above 0.
     In negativehealth4.PNG (Gosh there are getting to be a lot of instances of this bug) the indicated Photokineticist had been attacked from the West and backstabbed from the East. (I have the Eastern Swordsman circled for some important reason, but I've already forgotten what it was.) When my turn rolled around, I attacked the same Photokinecist and had no real effect, but to lower it's health even more.

     Conditions for this battle (With comments to the side):
          FFA/Teams: 2-versus-2 (Nice having the devil on your side sometimes.)
          Game Type: Capture the Flag (AI does a terrible job of protecting it's flag or it's generals by the way. Please fix at some point)
          Army Constraints: Random+Identical
          Ally Pass-Through: On
          Fog of War: Off (For obvious reasons.)
          Turn Time Limit: 5 Minutes
          Respawn Rate: 2 Turns (Still trying to figure out if this actually works the way I think.)

     I personally think that the Respawn Rate may have some hand in this bug.

     While I find it interesting that this is becoming so frequent, I find it irritating that my enemies get immortal units. I also find it irritating that the Computer's AI will have units use Adrenaline Pills, just to have sit there and not move. It's just bad sport.

Vanishing Attack

And now a very strange bug indeed. I'm calling it the "Vanishing Attack":

     In VanishingAttack.PNG, a Swordsman had attacked the Healer to the North of my crudely drawn in circle. I believe the attack landed, as the appropriate damage counter popped up. At one point in this process, the Swordsman simply vanished completely, never to reappear. I blame aliens for this, although I'm not too concerned: It wasn't my swordsman. XD

     Conditions for this battle:
          Refer to previous bug

     First and only time I've seen this. It did give me a few ideas for a custom unit, but that's another topic.

Object Abductions

     As if stealing swordsmen wasn't enough, the aliens have started targeting objects on the battlefield. As you coded them, I think it goes without saying that the AI didn't have units attack a boulder or bridge across to an item sack.

     In DisappearingUnits.PNG, an Item Sack on an untouched island vanished after the Swordsman (Crudely circled red) attacked the Photokineticist (Crudely circled blue) to it's West. When the Photokineticist's turn rolled around, the Boulder that should have been to it's South vanished.

     Conditions for this battle:
          Same as previous bugs

     This is potentially problematic, as it seems your game engine is stealing things that don't belong to it. Should it go on that television show, Hoarders?

The River Styx

     I think the River Styx is flowing backwards in the Dundar Archipelago. I don't have any screenshots to prove it, but here it goes:

     When killed by drowning or burning through lava, Units aren't removed from the board. Their sprites vanish, and their directional arrows move as though they had clambered out of the water or lava. Their class changes to "null", and all of their Health, PsP, and Counter Attacks change to 0/0 and their resistances change to 0%. While a player can remain relatively unaffected when it happens to their units, this bug locks up the AI. The game selects the ownerless arrow, and stops everything but particle effects.

     Conditions for this battle:
          Unspecific. I've seen it every gamemode, and the campaign as well.

     Not much to say about this one. I'm not at my wit's end for the day, but my wit has reached an end.

Hope I helped to some degree,

(Sorry about the lack of attachments. My browser doesn't want to upload them, although I'm inside the size limit for attachments. Working on that now.)

Screenshots here!
I'll probably leave them there for about a week.

I've fixed another bug in the Telepath Tactics alpha! Destroyed objects no longer glitch out the game. Download and Replace as needed. :)


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