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The initial thread can be found here. Essentially, help CraigStern imrpove the enemy AI in TSoG by making it more efficient- if you find a situation where the enemy could've made a better move, or attack in a way as to deal more damage to teammates, or simply glitched, write a short summary here (on occaison a screenshot can come in handy).


--- Quote from: KZ on February 05, 2010, 06:48:12 PM ---(on occaison a screenshot can come in handy).
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I just want to emphasize this more--always post a screenshot if you can! It saves me a huge amount of trouble trying to figure out the placement of the various units involved.

I'm not quite sure that this is a bug, but with one-move-per-turn units, like the Ghost Knight and the Bronze Golem, in the battle "Bug Hunting," when you are separated from the unit by only a wall object, they will move off to one side, but then go right back to where they were, and get no closer to the Hero. Very useful for regenerating Psy points, but I don't think that was intended. Maybe smarter AI, or maybe a low percentage of a random motion so as to break the monotony. If the character has destroyed all of the units but a slow mover, this means they can sit still for as long as they like and win the battle by surviving 35 turns.

similarly, you can trick the units in the parent rescue mission, with Arman, even though they have more than one move.  Once the AI sends some units in one of the corridors, if you go to a different corrridor and keep moving up and down it, the AI units in their corridors keep moving up and down their corridor trying to match you, and end up not trying to get closer to you horizontally- although the best move (splitting the AI forces so that some approach the final corridor from the bottom and the top) would likely be difficult to program...

Just figured something out. If you want to take down a slow mover like a B. Golem or a Ghost Knight or Stone Golem, you can draw their fire with a Solid State Shield. You can use Set to make the shield, then keep people out of range. Use Set's static shield to boost the Solid State's health, then let the opponent damage it. If Set has a high Psy Defense level, you have one or two turns in between each time you need to heal the shield with Mega, and can regenerate the Psy Points. If you need to increase the Shield's health, this is something of a drain on Set's PsP, and having to maintain the shield's health doesn't help; so... you can recruit the Hero to help maintain the Shield while Set gets the PsP necesary to upgrade the Solid State Shield. The Hero also helps if the shield is taking more than half of Set's Mega Shield healing power per turn. 
Once this shield is in place, the enemy is facing it, and you are free to hit it with attacks of any type, even the ones it may be resistant to, or ones that take a lot of PsP-- without getting hit once by the opponent. However, it's mostly just fun for the player to have an almost-invincible shield standing there, and to know that the actual characters aren't getting hit, and I don't know that this allows you to do anything you couldn't already do. Just thought I'd let you know!

Oh, it works for Shadow Bugs too!


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