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I see that most Shadowlings in Telepath RPG Chapter 2 are red. While that would make sense if they didn't age, there is evidence that they do age and change color as they do so. I believe that that should have been changed, since General Darkeye and Darkling seem like they are years, or even decades apart. Another Shadowling that was red when he should have not been is Hellion, he seems almost the same age as Tastidian. Perhaps it was that the game was rushed or the Creator simply didn't have the time or patience to add in the Shadowling aging process. However, I don't mean to say that the aging process was completely overlooked, some Shadowlings with signs of aging are Festus, Tastidian, and Lala. While there are aged Shadowlings in Somnus and the military, there should have been more with changed colors.

Duskling: if you have time to look on the old forums, there is a huge thread dedicated to the discussion of Shadowling colour and aging, and, effectively, it's all been worked out. There is a connection between colour and age for Shadowlings, but it's relatievly loose one, that is to say- it's more like how would a person appear to someone else, rather than real age- some age quicker, others more slowly, so Gen. Darkeye is still "in good chape" for his age. The way it goes is the following: red are youngesters and into adulthood they remain red, purple is circa 40ish in human terms, then blue comes over, then, towards the end, they go green. Shadowlings of exceptional power,such as Nelis or Tastidian, are not quite on the same level- they simply glow, with that Psy power emenating from them.
Whilst on subject of Shadowling peculairities- horns are just a curiosity, a something that some Shadowlings have whilst others don't- there is no correlation between age, military rank and number or even presence of horns.

It's nice that you've brought this old subject up though ;)

The shadowling age according to the color wheel:

There are two reasons Darkeye is red.  For a general he is still realtively young during the Shadow War and (if he is still alive) he probably turning blue during the events of TSoG.  Darkeye also ages well.  At the age where most shadowling start turning purple, Darkeye is still red.
Both Noctus and Hellion should be red because they both are young military officers.

I think we should complete the color wheel.
Newborns shadowlings should be orange.  During puberty, shadowling begin to turn from orange to red.
I think Shadowlings should turn yellow when they are dying of old age.

The Shadowling Circle of Life:

It might help to think of it like "going gray"--some people get gray hair early in their 20s, and some people don't go gray until they're in their 40s or 50s. It's hard to pinpoint a person's age just by looking at the pigmentation of their hair, and it's similarly imprecise trying to determine a shadowling's age by his or her hand/eye color.

Thank you very much for clearing this up for me, I really don't consider the Old Forums much often :-[


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