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Soul Capacitor from Gelf?

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I understand if you have more Soul Charges then you know what to do with, but "Soul Capacitor from Gelf" is a terrible solution.  I am not against getting rid of useless soul charges.  I am against bad ideas that don't fit into the Telepath world.

The idea may have potential, and there does need to be a use for excess souls, but a soul capacitor doesn't seem to be the solution.

I'm not much in favor of the soul capacitor either, but I do agree that it is easy to end up with more soul charges than you need. If I played the entire game, I could probably get by with only having to use the 30 soul charges Luca has at the beginning at the most.

Okay, maybe it was a bit out of place; I was of the idea that the Gelves just found it somewhere and were using it, like with the gaggets.

I still would like to see some sort of monetary compensation for the Soul Charges, perhaps. But if that is not meant to be, it would still be good to have a way to get rid of those extra Soul Charges.

It seems that quite a few of us, myself included, are against the idea of a "soul capacitor", but are interested in finding a way of getting rid of excess Soul Charges.
Thus, I'll start a new topic with regards to that.


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