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Make character move faster

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Yes, I agree with him: I'd wouldn't hurt to implement something (like caps lock, for example) that could replace constantly pressing Shift to run. (@BasiliskKnight You realize you can press Shift to run, right?)

yea but you should walk faster anyway...ive never seen anyone walk that slow in real life

Being able to move faster than running, I disagree with... but being able to constantly run without pressing
Shift is a good idea.

If they move any faster, then I would have to lower my quality(old computer).

I have suggested that on the old forums back with TRPG2 in the making, and I do stand by that point as well- maybe not the NPCs, but certainly the Main should have "running" as his standard mode, and "walking" as his "shift" mode- that would make it so much more useful (e.g. for the very few places in the Crypts where one has to be careful in walking around), as Ravinale is huge, and getting from one place to another takes ages- I never walk, I always use shift, and that can be kind of annoying.
So, I am strongly for either adding an even faster walking method, or swapping around what shift does when you walk.


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