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Report here any bugs that you find in the public demo of TSoG! Your help is much appreciated!

For the best way to reprt bugs, kindly look here please:

In Baz's basement, once you reach the end, the dialogue allows you to retreat, you can then go back downstairs fighting all the ghosts you already have, allowing a very easy, early on accumulation of money.

That's not a bug: the ghosts that you fight are only temporarily dissipated, not "killed" per se, so you can theoretically fight them all over again. ;)

After rescuing the parents, I went the crypt 1 and Arman was the only character.  When he lost to the scorpions, there wasn't a game over, so I forced to hit the Refresh button.

I was playing Psy Duel with Ali, and after I won I went to play it again. The screen went all white. This happent many times.


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