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After killing General D'Kah in mission 5 Griffin's dialogue does not update when asked about D'kah.

Thanks for the heads-up--I'll fix those. :)

This is a minor bug, but after seeing Judge Hakim give a speech in front of the library, I asked Griffin who he is. Griffin says "I really don't know all that much about him. All I know is, I'm glad he's dead.", the same dialogue as if you had asked him about Fernatus. Even if you do fight him later (I don't know, I haven't gone that far yet), it's still odd because he's still alive at that point.

Continuation of what I said before: When you kill D'Kah in mission 5 he still sets up a defense during the assault on Ravinale, he is even alive to battle you.

Also, I recruited Naj and La'man on my first playthrough and killed them on my second playthrough. It still shows Naj and La'man in the scene right before the assault on Ravinale on the second playthrough.

Greater Ghost AI can be kinda stupid sometimes.  They sometimes attack fellow spirits with Cyro Cross without hitting any of the player's team.  They also never use mind blast or cyro blast.  They will friendly fire with Cyro Cross and only hit one member of the player's team.


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