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UPDATE: I've seen this bug happen on multiple levels, though seemingly only on ones with Ravinale Guard troops. As the endgame battle sequences are full of these kinds of troops, the game was rendered unplayable at a certain point, owing to the sheer number of "phantom" Guardsmen blocking my units' movement.

This is extremely disappointing.

[It seems to happen when the "?" button or the X key is pressed, giving the health statuses and critical tiles -- the phantoms seem to materialize on old positions of the units their mouseover information reveals them to be copies of. However, the same unit can be phantomed multiple times, if I'm not mistaken; I was once "surrounded" by a single Guardsman.]

Sorry if this is a bug you've actually fixed, and I simply don't have the most recent version of the game...

Oof, sorry. Is it specifically the spear-wielding guardsmen? And is this only after someone has died on that square?

I can't recall it happening with any troops beyond the spear-wielding ones [Guards and Elites both], and I think it's happened once with D'Kah himself. And I'm fairly sure the unit only has to have been on the square in a past turn, not necessarily died on it. I seem to recall guardsmen in the second battle of the final mission [right after D'Kah] blocking my way to the Energy Golems and the Elite in the corner when I don't believe I'd killed any over there, though maybe I Light Bombed one or two... If I can replicate the bug and take screenshots, I can confirm this.

Sorry, I regret my strong language on the matter. Sometimes I forget you're only human. I came here right after a go at the final mission that was going quite well until I had to quit as a result of this bug, so it was pretty fresh in my recollection. ><

EDIT: Oh!! I've figured it out! It puts the phantoms on the tiles that they could hit with their attacks! For a Guard and Elite in this picture, their stats appear on mouseover of the two tiles in front of them. When I used the Tab key to scroll through all the buttons on the screen [since Flash has that feature, showing the rectangular BoundingBox in yellow], it revealed that the extra tiles were part of the unit itself, or at least part of its button.

So I guess I wasn't surrounded by a single unit, but rather by two units at 90-degree angles from me, and the far part of their attack. The strange thing is that these phantom tiles are impassable. It doesn't seem to happen with the Bowmen -- just the spear-types, and possibly D'Kah. I hope that's enough information to be helpful.

Also, confirmed that it only happens on turns where X is pressed or the ? button is used.

Thanks, that's really helpful! I'm swamped with work at the moment, but I'll try to find a fix for this in the next week or two. (Feel free to nudge me if I forget.) :)

Just a slight nudge like you said -- no rush, but if you're less swamped than you were before, then it'd be nice for this to get fixed.


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