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Thanks for the help!  Also, I really appreciate your mod, for me at least it makes the game more fun!

So, there are multiple entries for Gavrielle.  I have her character data three times: as character 1 out of 29, 23 out of 29, and 24 out of 29.  So presumably I should only keep her as character 1, but should I also delete the total number of characters down to 27 when I delete her two extra entries.

For example, looking at out favorite axe lady, "<CharacterData>    Madeleine Strongarm ( 24 / 29 )"  Should I change her numbers to (22 / 27)?  I'm not sure whether changing her numbers would create or prevent further problems.

Edit:  I tried that, as well as deleting some of Gavrielle's extra equipment (there was a LARGE surplus) and it worked(at least for now).  Thanks!!!
Hi!  So I've been playing on steam which I assume is patched to the latest version, and my equipment has been duplicating.  I don't consider that an unpleasant bug since I've been able to save money on boots and bandages, but I'm at the Coria Dog Bar level and I think that Gavrielle's equipment got too overfilled and now her equipment screen is just a big gray bar when I click on her.  Her equipment can't be accessed in the battle either.

I'm using the unbreakable weapons mod if that changes anything.