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Telepath Tactics Bugs / saving is impossible
June 20, 2015, 06:26:55 AM
i reach another combat and want end the game, but i cannot save. When i reach the screenshot, i can aboard saving and go on, but it is not saved. When i confirm saving nothing happens. I try to leave and see if it is autosaved, i hope^^

This time i have a log :)
i hit him with my rogue last time, this time i let him run into the enemys and the kill him, or not ;)
forgotten the log, again ...
the last time i had problems with that guy, this time i tried to kill him, but he can still "live" with negativ HP and act ^^
@bugfatboy: I will see if i can find more and get some clean new games

@CraigStern: The situation was the way you descriped and i overwrite an old savegame.
I forgot to say, i tried to delete the savegame files and try to play a new clean game, but even when i delete the files in the folder the game has the savegames somewhere.

the next bug apears. I handle my last bug without talking to annel and go for a while until i think, i made to many mistakes and start a new game. I enter the combat at the caravan and start the fight. The horseman, ok it is no horse, one-hit an enemy. I thought, suprising he never did that bevor. When i hover the mouse over him he was lvl 13. The X-Bow-Lady was lvl 11. They had equipment with them, more xbow, some armor. The horsemen wear metal armor he cant equip. Miss to take a logfile, now i am at work, when i go on and find anotherone with high lvl and stuff, i will press "L".



there is not much more to say. I helped that guy in combat and when it is finished he says good bye and it is not possible to close that textbox.

A little bit frustrating, seems to me i cannt play any more for a while, i tryed it with two different games, cause he saves after combat and you ever stuck when you reload.

i be happy if there will be a solution


edit: add the last logfile