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Topics - Fireblasto

TSoG Wish List / Talking to the merchants!
March 30, 2010, 11:16:35 AM
You know all those shopkeepers in the main square, why not talk to them? Most tell you to buzz off, but one could ask for your help in the protecting his goods from the bandits. This would be when they would be traded to the clans and/or sommus.

The mission type would be protect. The trade caravan could be on a road, in the middle of the desert, while bandits come from both sides and in front. The layout could be something like this on a bigger scale:


X = unused space O = Trade caravan T = Team members B = Bandits R = Reinforcements

After the fight, you would arrive at your target destination. You would then have to travel back to the merchant to receive a payment.

To make sure that people do not find it too easy and don't use the other bandit fight mission, this 'protect' mission would be seriously hard because of the amount of bandits that come to get the trade caravan. The trade caravan would have health, and if it got too badly damaged the mission would be fail. The bandits do not always attack you however, so there could be a chance that they don't. Something like 1/5

I was also thinking that after so many missions of protecting it, the player could get a orb from the merchant, to actually make the person 'work' for it, instead of 'finding' it. Unless the game dev has already decided where the orbs are going.
TRPG2 / A few abilities that where missed out:
March 21, 2010, 10:59:05 AM
1. Dorgon - at power 12 he learns burst shot. Area effect. Upgrades to level 2 at level 15


D = Dorgon O = area not hit X  = area hit

2. Gamblin' Jack - At defence 12 he learns recover where he heals himself.

Hope they are useful