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Topics - Cceellssoo

TSoG / Rahel's Secrets
August 10, 2011, 11:29:16 AM
Did someone ever achieve to unraveil what she is thinking when we try to scan her?
TSoG / Our Character's Avatar
June 06, 2010, 03:25:07 PM

I would like to state my opinion about the Hero's profile. It is an interesting profile, fragile, naïve, noble and yet with inner strenght... I get you. But it changes of figure if that is our identity on the game.

On Telepath RPG 1, our character doesn't have an avatar, and on Telepath RPG 2 there is an avatar with the face concealed, like it's nobody's business. It's good for us since we want to see ourselves on our character, even more on this series since we get to choose our attitude.

So I think our avatar on TSoG should not tend always to a fragile and naïve profile, since later we get experience, becoming ruthless, cold, righteous or fierce as the plot evolves, instead of sticking to the fragile look and scared shoulders. The avatar should look more neutral and adaptive, or it could even change due to our choices on the game, though that sounds more complicated, but it's up to you :)
TSoG / What's the most useful element?
June 04, 2010, 09:17:25 AM
I'm about to choose the element - fire, ice, light, shadow - of my hero's abilities, but since I don't know the resistances and vulnerabilities on the game, and think I can't change it later, I would like to ask which element do you think it is most useful?