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Yeah, the notifications aren't 100% reliable. That's why I check the Watched Threads page occasionally for things I've missed.
I've posted this on RPG Codex but it seems you aren't active there.

Dickie said: ↑

    Any plans to add a list of all my dudes with their HP/MP/Movement points/Class to the UI so I can get an idea of what's going on easily?

This. There's a lot of screen estate on modern monitors, use it. And/or make a hotkey that shows basic info next to every character for a quick overview (currently you have to mouseover each character separately).

I don't like ranged counterattacks. I don't think this mechanic makes much sense, I can't think of any other tactical game that had them. In Servants of God I was constantly forgetting about them and getting a nasty surprise.

I think assassins' leap should use up movement points. Currently they can cross ridiculous distances by jumping around.

Rotating should be done by pointing the direction with the mouse (or cursor keys), not by clicking "Rotate" several times.

The actions bar should be close to the active character, to avoid unnecessary back and forth mouse movement. Maybe it should appear after right-clicking like a context menu so it doesn't obstruct the view when not needed. Also, clicking on an enemy should probably execute the default attack (if possible). You can show the movement range on mouseover, without the need to click.

The "A" hotkey mentioned in the manual doesn't seem to work. Though I guess "M" absorbed its function.

It would be nice if hotkeys were configurable. They should be shown in the tooltips.

You can't scroll the map when animations are playing.

Force Vsync on by default if you can. Without it scrolling the map looks bad because of screen tearing.

Maybe add a 2x zoom mode for people with EXTREME resolutions.

Rally doesn't work well if there are obstacles around, some units get stuck.

Sometimes when you click "Done" and undo it later the character's sprite is still gray.

Get a nicer title screen, it's ugly. OTOH I like the sprites and tiles.

I hope you really focus on AI this time. I say "this time" because it was crappy in Servants of God, and it was a pretty simple game.

That said, :takemymoney:.
TSoG Bugs / Re: Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist
November 14, 2012, 04:57:47 AM
Sometimes a square is blocked in combat and I can't walk on it despite it being empty. When I mouse over the square Enemy stats show up, but there's no enemy there. I can't attack the square either. The mouse cursor was over the affected squares when taking the screenshots.
[screen 1]
[screen 2]