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Rather than make a new topic I'll just hijack this one -- the -350 HP bridge bug is still present in v1.3.
In peaceful mode while infiltrating the fortress, I got 'stuck' in a state where I couldn't control my character immediately after opening the door to the barracks.

I entered the fortress:

  • picked up the bag on the 2nd floor
  • walked to Fera to talk to her (said the minimum possible to Fera then left)
  • came back and entered the barracks
  • went back out to grab the sword from the rack
  • went back in & talked to most people in the barracks
  • exited the barracks
  • talked to the 3 guards outside the barracks
  • then became stuck when I reopened the door to go in the barracks

(At some point, either on the way up to Fera on the way back, I may have talked to one of the guards. I'm not 100% sure. I'd try to replicate but my game has autosaved past the start of the infiltration.)

After opening the door, I was able to open the main menu but not do anything else.

If I opened the menu & closed it, it started showing movement arrows again. If I clicked to move, she didn't move and the arrow went away. But if I pulled the menu out again, the movement arrows then started from the place I had clicked (see screenshot).

Thankfully the bug isn't a big deal. The game plays fine once I quit and reload.
Can confirm that this problem still occurs in 1.3, though it might take longer to happen than it used to. It's hard to say.

Most recently it happened to me in the "Rescue the Spriggan" level.

EDIT : just played the fortress escape mission (the one in the rain), can confirm it now takes a good deal longer than it used to for the slowdown to occur.
Seconding this slowdown bug, which also first occured for me at Igor's fortress and also happened during the apple gathering battle.