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Quote from Newgrounds:

I got in a fight with some smartass demon who was pissed that I came in his so called house, there isn't even a bathroom for christ sakes. And then to make matters worse I obviously talked back to him because I don't back down to jerks and so he challenges me to a fight. I have no choice but to fight him and he beats living hell out of me. There was absolutely no way for me to run away from him so I just kind of stood there and hoped he would show mercy on me. Nope, he killed me.

Long story short I found no reason to save the game 5 minutes in and it came back to bite me on the ass, this game wasn't worth the load time and the 40 clicks for a decent attribute set. I have a small list of ways you can probably improve on the next game if you actually want to maybe try next time.

1. Make the character more 3d, even after 5 minutes i got tired of looking at my dudes head, lame.

2.Make it so you get around 400 attribute points to begin with, this way you know your a winner and you can kick smartass demons who don't know their place

3.Make it impossible to die. This is pretty important, mostly to people who don't want to start over.

4. Nudity

5. A really big sword, this is always a must in RPGs. Do you like FF7? yea, its because of the bad ass sword. Look into maybe recreating the buster sword.

6. I hate tutorials, and so does everyone else. Incorprate it into the game using some kind of reward system like in Fable.

7. Make all the enemies women and children, this market hasn't been exploited yet so its fresh for new ideas and games.

8.Turn it into a point and click adventure, I love those games!

9. Maybe make it fun? I'm having more fun critiquing this game than actually playing it.

10. Buffalo Chicken Snackers at KFC = Heaven,

In conclusion, you have a lot of work in order to make your game more fun than games like Superman 64. but I think you can do it. Just make sure this time you don't design it using MS paint and don't steal the story from that whole, you know, Star Wars franchise.

Thanks for your time,
Yours Truely,
Mr. Disappointed

Craig's Response:

QuoteI think I've figured out your problem: TRPG2 is substantially more fun if you don't take massive amounts of drugs before playing. If you were playing while sober, you might have noticed that the very first thing on the load game screen is an "AUTOSAVE SLOT." It's kind of hard to miss.
General Discussion / Re: Your Story: Post It!
July 08, 2011, 05:26:29 PM
To understand my name, you have to break it apart:

Zack. My real name of course.

-irus. This actually has a long story behind it. See, it used be to arus, thus making my Zackarus, but I thought people would mistake the 'a' for a long 'A' sound instead of the short a which it is. Now when I write the letter 'i', you are before inclined to pronounce it with a short 'a' sound than 'a' long. However i/a aside, the irus actually the 9 + 17 + 20 + 18 = 64 = 6 + 4 = 10 (which is the month I was born in)! Also: 1 x 17 + 20 + 18 = 55 = 5  5 = 10!

My Avatar? I have only had three: Original Canadian Flag, Blue Shadowling Guardian (Which can be found in the Fan-art Section), and the Blackand White Canadian Flag, which are my favourite colours/shades.
TSoG / Re: Gather Support?
July 07, 2011, 01:20:37 PM
Craig isn't done finishing the game, however, their is one more mission where you can get more soldiers. Talk to Baz... the rest is up to you. 
Your going to make even more devious puzzles than the riddle? It cannot be done!

My real question is, why are their orbs in the Crypts in the first place?
General Discussion / Re: Canada Day!!!
July 01, 2011, 12:33:35 PM
Well Everyone its June 1st again. You know what this means (Happy Canada Day) with the Prince included.
Forum Games / Re: to heaven or hell (3)
June 26, 2011, 05:04:49 PM

While you do that... I actually get some work done.


I think I should have never posted this game in the first place...
Your Hero needs to capture the spot, not any other member of the Team. If they could, then everyone would just use Arman/Malis to get to the capture point right away.
General Discussion / Re: 6 / 2(1+2) = 9
June 24, 2011, 12:23:43 PM
To Quote Myself:


6/2(2 + 1)

is not equal to:


The way that the question is written (6/2(2 + 1)), it = 9. This is because when you have Division and Multiplication (in the same order) you go from left to right.

However, if the question were written in the way below, it would = 1 because their are inferred brackets around the top and bottom.
What do you mean by, "Working on Separating the TSoG engine from the main game" on twitter? 
General Discussion / Re: Canada (with rules)
June 12, 2011, 04:55:54 PM
I couldn't find the clip so I had to improvise.

General Discussion / Re: Canada (with rules)
June 11, 2011, 08:00:00 PM
I don't know about the egghead thing on southpark, but its not true!

You gave us Miley Cryus, so Justin Bieber is your punishment.

Let me ask you a better question. Why was America Canada's overlord in the first place? Also: I can't see the clip because I live in Canada!

Well, its a big deal now as the Cup is almost back in our grasp. The Canadians are sad because they didn't make it to the Stanely cup. Calgary fans are sadder because Vancouver is in it.

Like im2smart4u's topic: Lizard Men, this topic has to do with all the other new units in TT. Which do you like, which do you want in?

[spoiler]Cavalry (scorpion riders)
Golden Spriggats[/spoiler]

Quote from: brendo271 on June 05, 2011, 04:57:12 PM
In Crypt 3, When you go through the center stairway and then try to proceed to the next room, It takes you to your map. You can't select a place to go when this shows up however. I retried going through this passage way, but it only continued to repeat. I was forced to refresg the page. ??? ??? ???

This is because Craig has not yet finished Cyrpt 3. When he does, it will be removed...
How come you haven't posted any new Blogs, Updated the game, or posted on Twitter in the past few weeks?
How come you don't get a sponsor of TSoG? Or do you already have one?