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Messages - Zackirus

I found one.

When you are doing a map maker battle and you lose. The deafeat screen comes up as usually but once you click it it leaves you with just a blank shot of your map.

Can you fix it please :P
TSoG Wish List / Re: New Enemy Ideas
March 05, 2010, 12:32:33 AM
How About This Idea Then:

Mechanic Blimp:

After a seris of tests and many failures, The Mechanics have created a blimp. This Blimp can fly because it is made from light materials and filled with a highly flammible air found in the deeper downs. These blimps carry minerals that have been compressed together in the Deeper Downs, what when are dropped create an explosion. These Blimp can carry people and burn extra gas in the blimp to move farther.

Health: 40
PsP: 20
Speed: 2 (Flying)
Bomb Bombardment: Cost 5 PsP, Range 3 (Backwards), Damage [Psy Power+( Level X 2)]
Suicide Bomber: Cost 10 PsP, Range Omidirectional + Self, Damage [Psy Power+7+Level] (Note: When Move Is Done, Blimp is Destoryed)
Gas Burner: Cost 5 PsP, Range Self, Increases movement by 2
Carry: 5 PsP, Range 1, Picks up Unit and drops it off at end of Blimp's Movement
Resistance: None
TRPG2 / Suggestions for missing TRPG2 endings
March 04, 2010, 10:51:18 PM
Poor Dorgon. Well Here My Ending

Destroy Psy Acadmeny:

After proving that he was a better version than his fellow energy golems. The Queen decided to mass produce Dorgon as part of the new war machiene. He is now feared throughout the world of archers as he leads the Dorgon Combat Unit into battle.

Kill Queen:

After Dorgon was no longer needed for war purposes, Main gave Dorgon to Helna and was incorperated him into the Helanites. His model is now being used as the energy golem of the Helnaites.


Dorgon was seen by very few people, and barely anyone knew him. Many people have tried to rebuild dorgon but with his plans buried with him, none of the atempts have succeded

Personally, when I found this on the sinster desgin version I tried for days to get it open. When I did I was so amazed. Once, you open the chest you have the option of fighting the queen and dean battles again. I won at those, and kept restarting my game, where I would take the chest filled with 5,000 gold and train my shadowlings, dorgon, gamblin jack, and niven so that thier power was at 25 each and their defence was 23, 28 for fetus. I think it was a nice treat at the end to do that because their were some battles like the queen that gave soo much money comapred to regluar battles.

Heck Ya You Should Open The Chest. It is only on teh CD version and sinster desgin evrsion though.