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Hello. After a little hiatus, I finally wrapped up my first real (i.e. post-release) playthrough of Telepath Tactics and wanted to put my final observations in one place. (And I'll say upfront that I was still playing version 1.037 when I finished, so it's possible that you've already resolved some of these issues.)

1. I found during the last battle that I could not cure the slowed status using caffeine pills: using the pills says that it cures the status, but the affected character's movement is still handicapped. What's more, since the game seems to think that the slowed status is no longer in effect, that character's movement never goes back to normal, even after 20+ turns. I'm attaching a screenshot and a log. (For what it's worth, I think the caffeine pills did work as advertised in the previous battle, but they failed to do the trick on two different occasions when I had characters that were slowed during the battle with Tarion.)

2. On a related note, consuming caffeine pills appears to increase dodge by 4% and not 10% as it's described in the inventory menu.

3. I think the terror attack is too overpowered. Its range and the sheer number of status effects it can produce make it extremely annoying to deal with, all the more so since at least 1 out of every 3 times it's used on one of my characters, that character is stunned. Limiting how many effects can result from a single attack or even just reducing the attack's range would, in my opinion, make it possible to strategize against.

4. I was a little disappointed by the engineer class overall and in particular by the perks that come with its promotion to machinist. I found that the process of leveling up Teresa was kind of a tedious chore anyhow, and to only get a health and energy increase upon reaching level 20, I was definitely underwhelmed. As for the class in general, I guess I was expecting my engineer to acquire some skills that involved working with metal; after all, it is the next logical step after building wooden barricades and bridges, and particularly since Sabrina's rope trap gets upgraded to a metal one, I was hoping for something similar with Teresa. Those are my two cents, anyway.

5. I kind of hate to suggest this as it absolutely came in handy for me, but I think the stat improvement for the assassin class could use just a little tweaking: by the end of the game, Tremolo had become a level 6 whisper and his dodge at that point was 101%! Maybe the likelihood of dodge going up with every level should be just a tad lower or, if dodge is increased upon promotion (I don't remember offhand if it is), perhaps it should be by a smaller amount.

6. Tarion is not levitating during the final battle and thus cannot move from his square surrounded by lava.

7. Eating apples occasionally replenishes energy instead of health. I have not found any rhyme or reason as to when one is increased instead of the other.

8. Harriet doesn't earn any experience for killing Malcolm Eichan. She also doesn't auto-loot any of his gear, although that's more reasonable under the circumstances since she just turns around and leaves after the battle.

9. It seems that armor rend never softens the target, even though there's supposed to be a base 50% chance of it with each use of the attack.

10. This last one might be a little iffy but I'll throw it out there anyway: should there be a backstab bonus when using powder bolt? The attack isn't all that useful against units generally, but when facing spirits and golems, the powder bolt is after all more effective than the standard crossbow attack is. In those situations, I found myself wishing that Lakshmi would get a bonus when attacking her enemies from behind.

That about sums it up. Looking forward to playing some mods for this thing at some point! :)

Hello. From reading your update reports, it looks like you've been having some issues with the wrong character portraits coming up during deployment. I'm running into that in version 1.035: at the moment, I am lining up for the battle with Cloch and I have Meridian up in the front row (I know that it's her because her name comes up when I mouse over her), but she has Siripent's face on her tile and when I right-click his image, Meridian's stats come up but with Sabrina's picture in the corner. I'm attaching screenshots.
TSoG / New content?
March 30, 2013, 06:46:04 PM
Hello, fellow Telepath-players! I haven't played Servants of God for awhile now (not since May of 2012, I guess) and I was thinking about starting up a new character. I was wondering whether any new content has been added to the game since I've been on hiatus - new side quests, for example - or if the updates over the past year have primarily been bug fixes and the like.

Happy gaming!
Hey guys. So, I've played all the way through the game once now and started a new character the other day. I was a little saddened by the outcome of the Arman side quest in my first run-through, but I figured that if I... [spoiler] broke into the Black Rose HQ BEFORE liberating the labor camp and scanned the enforcer's mind before he gets to Arman, then I could prevent his death altogether and not have to find his body in the desert later on. [/spoiler] Well, I tried that and it didn't seem to work, and the poking around I've done on-line seems to suggest that the only way to get the best outcome for this quest is to have a fairly high aptitude before speaking to Al'al about Arman's problem. And that would be fine, except I've already spent quite a bit of time training, leveling, etc. and talking to Al'al was one of the first things that I did. (The 500 gold is nice to have when you start a new game, after all...)

So I guess my question is, am I missing anything? Or is the only way to [spoiler] prevent Arman from being killed by the Order of the Black Rose [/spoiler] is to have a high aptitude when you first confront Al'al? Because unfortunately, after Al'al refuses to take the gold from you, it's no longer possible to talk to him or read his mind or anything. :-/ (And I'd love to not be forced to start another character after already devoting quite a bit of time to building this one!)

Thanks for any info!