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General Discussion / Re: Canada (with rules)
April 16, 2010, 06:15:06 AM
Canada is awesome!

    I am trying to get my citizenship at the moment but it's really confusing.

    My mom recently got her Canadian citizenship back due to that "Waking Up Canadian" thing. Supposedly I qualify for citizenship but I am baffled as to wich route I am supposed to take to get it. If anyone randomly knows something about this please give me some advice on what I should do. Ive tried calling/writing Canadian offices but can't get a hold of an actual human.

There is also a glitch which gives you unlimited gold once you open the chest... I found it a long time ago, but I figured everyone knows (???)

1.) Select "manage team", then make sure slot #1 in "team order" is left empty.

2.) Enter Malignus's chest and select to fight the Bug Queen battle. The first time you will have to fight the battle all the way through.

3.) After this, once you click on the Bug Queen battle it goes straight to black as if you already won. (I think it only works on the bug queen battle?)

At first it only gives you 1200 gold but every time you repeatedly click on it (without leaving Malignus's cave) the amount of gold increases exponentially (40%). The gold doesn't increase if you have chosen to have Helena join your party.

After doing this for a couple minutes I got a few million in gold.
Takes the fun out of the game though =(