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Telepath Tactics (2015) / DEMO Feedback
September 07, 2014, 06:08:21 AM
Demo feedback:

+Great fun game.
+Very nice graphics.
+Cool magic effects
+Well drawn NPCs.
+Scales down super-nice to 1024x768 to be able see fonts better! Graphics remains crisp.

- Please can you create a settings option for the camera to JUMP immediately to an enemy unit - when in enemy turn - and remain centered on that enemy unit as long as it moves? The current quick-scrolling of camera to enemy unit is straining to the eye, prevents enjoyment of gameplay, made me dizzy. XCOM camera immediately centers on moving enemy unit and is absolutely a joy to watch, exactly what I wish Telepath Tactics could do.

- 2x Bigger fonts option in the settings for the dialogues window couldn't hurt for the PC.  Maybe darken the marble-ish background behind a fonts a bit more.

- If you can make an option in settings to always place the actions window to the TOP of the screen (sword icon, end-turn, etc..) so a gamer doesn't always have to move it, when it blocks out the view [of a soldier].

- don't loop the music infinitely. Play once then stop. Create short soundtracks, like in XCOM. Pause music for a while then start again.

- redefinable shortkeys maybe, but this is a minor issue.