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Messages - Andrew Kovacs

TRPG2 / Re: Teammates
September 01, 2014, 05:51:30 AM
All my strategies will be based on a Brutal gameplay with little grinding.I use 7 members,not 8,because I love 7.I consider 4 roles a character can fulfill:Tank,Healer,DPS,Assasin.I don't use Assasins,as they can be overwhelmed by the situation easily.And It's worth mentioning that I prefer long but sure fights rather than short but unsure ones.

6.Guy is pure DPS.This guy can be coupled with the hero and Shadowboxer to nuke a huge chunk of the world,and his Pyro Hail is often the only skill you might have to threaten the foes you want.

5.Grotius is good for support in Mission 6,where you will need all you can get.Also,frost Breath 3 is good for weakening or holding the tank's back,being a very reliable DPS skill,while his health is not low at all,in critical moments you'd be able to nominate him as tank.

4.Anya is the best healer,don't listen to the others.Long shield is a kickass support that allows a line made of Flint,Hero/Guy,Grotius with Frost Breath 2,Anya,and Dorgon behind her to hold a corridor and whoop even tough bosses in front.Otherwise,in wider corridors,she in the middle,with three tanks in front,and Hero and Guy with Pyro hail on the sides will have the full randament of the Big shield.As well,her Mind Shield has a larger range,so if a tank is duelling with a trainhitter boss,she as a healer will allow squeezing in another DPS psy fighter to quicken it.

3.Helena tanks pretty bad,just take care of her,she is fragile.Other than that,she is a kickass DPS,which can be a literal tornado if invested in Strength and Defense.

2.Gamblin'Jack is a pretty good tank that doubles as a healer.I don't care about Snake Eyes,it sometimes is a waste of Psy Points,but Recover makes him a Triton Steel that yells "You shall not pass!".If shambling from wounds,you can put him on heal duty.He is very versatile because of this,being a good tank,healer,or damager.

1.Flint :-X is a hell of a tank!He is good in front,if invested on Psy Defense,or even without.If duelling with a spriggat,then I don't put DPS characters directly behind him.If no need for tanking,he can also handle himself in DPS againist a swarm.I don't understand why the others dislike him for his lack of mobility,he is intended as a tank for slow and sure battles,not fast fights that can get out of control.