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Thought 'd add my own portrait bug to the list here. Also, I found a weird bug that let's the Cavalier equip the spear; although the spear require you to be a spearman or pikeman.

Quote from: Zetor on May 24, 2015, 12:06:43 AM
This was a recurring bug for me as well, in many mid- and endgame fights: there were character slots, typically at the edges of the deployment zone, that couldn't be replaced with reserves (it'd give the 'invalid operation' error sound, too).

The workaround is to find the slots on the battlefield that DO allow replacing characters with ones from the reserves (typically ones in the middle), and switch characters around there. E.g. if Zimmer is on the right and you want to replace him with Gavrielle, switch him with a unit in the center, then switch the center unit with Gavrielle, then switch Gavrielle with the original center unit (that is now on the right).

yeah, with this particular bug that actually didn't work. I tried it with multiple character PCs and active slots. Just wouldn't work :(
I'm setting up to fight against the Coria dogs in the pub fight. I first move around inventory from character to character. Then, I try and replace characters from my reserves to the active slot. However,even when I drag form reserve to the active slots and drop them, it doesn't pick it up. It does this with each character.

Attaching log file, not sure if it picked up the bug or not.