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The Official TRPG1 Battle Walkthrough

Started by KZ, February 03, 2010, 12:11:32 PM

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Straight from the old forums:

"Below is what I've written for the game walkthrough in wiki, this doesn't contain any "side-quests" (or, rather, small additional feautres), but more or less covers everything you need to do in order to beat the game. The point at which mission 2 description ends, is where the player has to make a small decision that will influence the outcome of the ending the player will get. (There are 4 endings, so try playing around to get them all- they all hang around one decision, and then a very clear choice of 3 in a dilaogue. TRPG2 starts off from only one of the endings- where the player volunteers his services, and no more shall be said here. ;-) )

TRPG1 Mission 1: Leaving the Academy

You start in the middle of Psy Academy. You'll see a student in a Red Cape standing near you, talk to him. Just be nice to him and he'll tell you that Anya is looking for you and that she is likely to be found in her room. Go to the North East building and go into Anya's room. Talk to Anya: she'll tell you that an old man is looking for you and that you can find him in the local bar. You can ask Piter, the Red Cape, where the bar is located and he'll direct you towards the North-West building. Inside, you'll find the old man, who turns out to be your Uncle, sitting in a corner- talk to him. You find out that your little brother, David, was kidnapped by the Shadowlings and you need to rescue him. Exit the bar, go north and find Guy, confide in him and by being honest get his support. Then go back to Anya's room and ask her for help: she'll be ready to help you too. Proceed then to the South-East building and go into Administrative Offices. There, talk to the Desk Clerk and fill out the forms (it's worth noting that one has to pay a fee of 10 gold- if you've spent the money on gambling/buying books/lessons from tutors, you can ask Uncle Falstaff for a little cash and he'll give you, once only, 15 gold). Finally, go to the Guard watching over the West Gate and ask him permission to leave the Academy.

TRPG1 Mission 2: Infiltrating the Camp

You're now located just below the Shadowling Camp. Talk to Uncle Falstaff and he'll tell you what you should do next. At this point, it is advisable to go south and talk to Uncle Falstaff again, then leave for the Academy,train up there and then come back, unless PsP and hp are both around 25, in which case proceed straight towards the Shadowling camp (in the north). Once you get into the Shadowling camp, there are several routes one could take to get to the commander's tent. One way is to go dorectly east, then weave your wave upawrds between the outside and the first and second columns of tents. Taking a straight run without stops will inevitably get you noticed, so its advisable to make a few small breaks here and there, observing the guard patterns done by the Shadowling Sentries. It is also worth noting that you can enter the tents and hide in there, whilst the guards pass, but beware: some of the tents are not empty! The commanders tent is located in the north section of the camp, but it's impossible to enter from the front, you'll have to use an alternative way: on the east side of the tent one of the flaps is loose and you can sneak into the tent from that side. Once inside the tent, you'll be accosted by the Shadowling commander- Noctus. You'll have a choice of giving up your money or fighting for your life. In order to rescue your brother, choose the latter. Now, Noctus' health increases proportionally with your health, so leveling up in the Psy Academy will not give you better health than him, but having a lot of health and PsP makes the task of defeating him much easier. Try using a combination of Mind Blast and Mind Shield, if you have high Psy Power and Defense, this will deal consistent damage to Noctus and slowly reduce his health, whilst also making sure that your health doesn't decrease faster than his. Finally, after beating Noctus, try talking to your brother. You'll notice he doesn't respond and you'll have to escape with him via the abovementioned loose flap. At this point your mission is completed and you go on to meet Uncle Falstaff near your temporary encampment."
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