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Maximum Stats? (McCullen's horrible fate)

Started by Shadoroq, November 18, 2011, 11:00:04 PM

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Sometime in 2009 I was playing TRPG2 with a character by the name of McCullen, being level one hundred-something-teen with health and psy points well above 300. I revisited the game later and leveled up a few times to increase my psy power and defense. However, when I did this, I noticed that my PsP and health both became 99. I thought, "Is this some kind of glitch?" So I went into battle. Sure enough, they were really and truly maxed at 99. "Well, this sucks," I thought, so I quit without saving and refreshed the page. Repeat attempts to level also resulted in this odd health decrease.

Were caps on these stats implemented at some point in time? I simply can't think of any other reason for that to have happened.
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Yes the cap is 99/99 now. Its been there quite a while actually.