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Helenite Base

Started by flack, February 19, 2012, 02:17:23 AM

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Just wondering what exactly is Helena's mission? I talk to her and the only thing she does is sell me troops.  I am just wondering if anybody knows how to start her mission.
I think that her mission is somehow related to the forest workshop though because when I do the 3 battles there I end up in a place where I don't pick up the objects on some table and then I leave the place and if I go back in I have to redo the battles.


Ask her what the troops cost, then say Actually, maybe later. She'll think you need money and give you a job to do for her.


She just tells me to come back later.  What am I missing?


You are missing the most recent version of the game, that's what. She only does that in versions that pre-date the release of the finished game. ;)