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Infinite turns glitch

Started by RaustBD, February 04, 2012, 08:35:56 PM

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So, I'm playing Telepath Psy Arena 2. I just bought the full version after really enjoying the demo, and I excitedly start playing...

...Only to discover a critical bug: If I end my turn without attacking, I just get all of my moves back and can move again.

This isn't a problem in the demo. Can anybody help me fix this?


It looks like that bug was introduced in the last patch. I'll have a fixed version up in a few hours. In the meantime, use the space bar to end characters' turns--that should avoid triggering the bug.


Thank you! I've saved the download link that BMTMicro gave me, will that work to download the updated version?


That will do the trick. I've updated the files on BMT Micro, so go ahead and download whenever you want to get the new version. ;)


Thanks! I've downloaded it, this game is AWESOME!

...Though admittedly now I think I wish I had saved up to buy SoG. Online money tends to be slow in accumulating :(