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Team Fortress 2

Started by Tastidian, February 08, 2012, 10:36:08 PM

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I love this game and if you vote please tell me your going to give me free buds.

Please answer the following.

1) You played this right?

2) Your preferred class

3) Time you played

4) F2P or Premium

5) Wanna play me?


1) Yes

2) Any class that fits the situation, but I usually start off as Spy, Soldier, or Demoman

3) 56.7 hours

4) F2P

5) I certainly would, but TF2 and Steam were lagging my computer, so I had to uninstall (It's a 2008 business PC, but I'm planning to build a new one from scratch, so we'll see)


Oh I forgot to answer my own general questions.

1) Absolutly

2) All, my favorite class though is spy, soldier, pyro, and heavy.

3) 430+ hours

4) Premium because I make profit and use the expensive items to get other games such as buds.

5) If I could play myself I would never herd of the word friends.