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Shadowling Queen vs Cygnus [Contains TRPG2 & TSoG Spoilers]

Started by SmartyPants, March 16, 2012, 08:19:28 PM

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If Shadowling Queen and Cygnus ever fought, who would win?

2 (25%)
Shadowling Queen Nelis
6 (75%)

Total Members Voted: 8


Lets say that the Dark Spirggat Malignus sent Cygnus and Nelis through time to fight one another, who would win?  Please explain your choice.

On one side is Cygnus, the Prophet of Yawah.  He is able to multiply himself.  Each multiple is able to use one powerful skill (Titan Shield, Dark Vortex, Cyro Cross, Light Bomb, or Fire Gate).  As long as the orginal Cygnus is alive, new multiples can always be created.  Cygnus is able to have his multiples switch places with his Mass Juxtapose skill.  Cygnus can also create several Barriers and attack with Starfall.  The barriers become shocking obstacles between Cygnus and his enemies, while Starfall is extremely powerful attack that hits everything.  Cygnus is very skilled at deflecting scans which means only the most talented scanners can identify Cygnus's and his multiples's health and attacks.

On the other side is Nelis, the Queen of the Shadowlands.  Nelis is accompanied by several axe-wielding Phantom Armors.  Even though Phantom Armors are very slow, they are tougher and stronger than any golem.  They also resistant to all light attacks.  Nelis is able use two very powerful attacks, Fire Gate and Holy Blast.  Fire Gate allows her to strike up nine enemies at a distance.  Nelis's Holy Blast causes colossal damage to one individual, while giving a small amount of damage to eveyone else in the vicinity.  Nelis most dangerous attribute is her ability to recover health every turn. No matter how high the Hero of the Shadow War's aptitude was, Nelis was simply too skilled at deflecting scans for the Hero to penetrate her defenses and learn about her health and attacks.


I do have to say that Nelis is more geared towards offense. Cygnus is fairly passive, and his abilities are quite gimmicky. However, Nelis also has fewer skills. I doubt the phantom armors would be an issue, though. Their slowness would easily allow Cygnus' multiples to pick them off. On the flipside, Cygnus' barriers are pretty useless, since Nelis can easily destroy them from a distance (and I'm pretty sure that Holy Blast is powerful enough to destroy one in one hit). Cygnus also has less health if I recall.

I suppose it would be a close call. Both have a chance at winning. I suppose I would tentatively lean towards Nelis, though. She has more raw power, I'd say.