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Online games?

Started by ArtDrake, June 16, 2012, 10:47:57 PM

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Why don't we each make a list of the types of games we each like, and then decide on games to play based on who has interests in common?

I'm usually not much for first-person shooters, except for perhaps Ace of Spades, because I have a laptop with a mediocre GPU.
I like roguelikes, and there are some good multiplayer ones.
Turn-based tactics, I like.
RTS's, not so much.
Actually, any turn-based game is good for me.
If anyone here would like to co-op a Super Hostile Minecraft map, I'd be up for it [though, admittedly, I'd have to buy Minecraft first]
I don't really like MMOs much, which, I know, rules out a lot of games. You guys don't have to play with me.


A Super Hostile might be fun, but if it's recording material you're looking for, I'd stay away from Minecraft. Over-saturated market when it comes to that. As to what genre of games I prefer, I find it difficult to say. Obviously I enjoy Turn-based tactical games, else I wouldn't be here, would I?


I'm not looking for recording material -- I don't really do videos in the school year, in case you hadn't necessarily noticed. [I agree that there's an oversaturated market]

If only there were a Tactical game... with multiplayer... better yet, one that had to do with Telepath... oh, right.

Maybe this can wait until TT comes out? And then we can have forum matches and tournaments and maybe people would show up on this desolate corner of the internet.


Perhaps we
Quote from: Craig
can look forward to playing TT sometime in the next year.
After all, we have half-way been discussing this for quite some few months already.


Once TT is out, that would be perfect. However, we may as well map out a few possibilities.

I'm pretty ambiguous towards roguelikes; it seems they can be good as often as they can be terrible. Obviously, turn based strategy is good - so is RTS, and I do like FPS.

And I, too, hate MMOs.