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How you Know the World's Going Downhill

Started by deathknight1728, August 26, 2012, 03:01:32 PM

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This might be a sign from the times and maybe its just me, but I highly doubt that. I go onto to see the news that is happening in the world on the internet, and Hurricane Isaac is on the last page, while Snooki's 1st born is on the 1st page.

This is pretty sad and I know that gossip has taken over media but it seems like the only news that is highly popularized is ridiculous negative news and gossip stuff to see which girl is more attractive.

What do I say to that? What about the stories that used to come on the news that had some man or woman acting as a hero. I liked a lot of those stories and even though there were few a few years ago, some is better than none.

The only news that happens almost all the time is negative sociopaths that appear in shootings. Its really a disgrace.

Aw well, I should think on the better side. Not everyone's bad. Still would like to see more normal things in the news though.


And the last horse crosses the finish line! ;D

Just keep your head up, we may not be going uphill any time soon, but it will get better... eventually.

I do agree, however, that the media should be more focused on things like the Higgs Boson than what Snooki is going to wear when she gives birth, since what the public wants to see gives a reflection of what the public itself is like.


Personally, I don't know anyone who is actually interested on those kind of news. In here those news have their own magazines and anyone who actually reads those are looked down on. I think that the effect is worse in the US than what it is here, but maybe it's just me?
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I also think that people often don't know what they want. (Is the often well placed?)
Furthermore, many people have stressful lives and when they finally sit in front of the TV or pick up a magazine they really want to rest, so the zero-intelligence option may seem the best to do.
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I keep on asking my brother about this website he told me about. It was like news only reported if its positive news. So basically it bases its premise on heroic acts and people working together rather than negativity. Naturally they don't have more than 7 or 8 big stories a week but hey if its positive why not.

Im gonna ask him next time I see him what its called. I still do have hope for the world. However most of that hope lies in family, friends and community gaming forums such as this where all the sane people dwell.


But isn't that kinda like closing your eyes from the bad things? You're probably not going to only check that site, but some people may...
If you seek it, you can find it. Freedom can be attained.


Well you will always still check the regular sites as you need to have some bit of knowing whats happening. I was mostly just thinking it sounds good to be reminded that good still exists. Its not really that bad compared to 100s to 1000s of years ago. That was the real dark ages where anyone could murder someone in cold blood and basically vanish from any real consequences. Violence wasn't shunned, it was almost revered. We've come a long way, but still have somewhere to go.


I know that I enjoy [and produce, through my LP channel) zero-intellect content, but I try to make it quality zero-intellect content [the stuff I watch and the stuff I make], rather than trashy mindless garbage. Like being actually funny and original, and not just another repetition of the same tired old popular cultural themes [weight loss, fashion, celebrities, beauty, body building, et cetera].


Sometimes I wonder whether the world is really going downhill and falling apart, or if it merely because in the past few years I have reached an age where I now hear about the news. I mean, from the ages 5-10 I wasn't exactly hearing about presidential elections. As a matter of fact it was quite a few years until the gravity of 9/11 dawned upon me.
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Slightly necro, but seeing as no one mentioned this... I think the best signs are those that relate to inflation. China has shown the way of economic development around the world in recent times, and they're heading for a monster amount of inflation. USA and EU will be quick to follow. Everyone can see it happening around them - When your usual paycheck doesn't cover expenses like it used to.