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Alpha Demo Linux - endless loading

Started by donhilion, December 05, 2012, 04:15:52 AM

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When i start the campaign, after the prolog text, there is only the text "loading" displayed.
It seems that the game is stuck there, but the music continues to play. The CPU usage is at 5% (which could be because of the playing music).

I'm running Arch Linux (3.6.8-1) and adobe-air from the AUR (version 2.1-1).

P.S. I had to rename the game file, since adobe-air could not handle the spaces.


Hey donhilion! I got a report from @aperfectbalance on Twitter with his own experience running the alpha on Linux; here's what he said.

He reported that he could run the Windows version without crashes on WINE, but needed to use the hotkeys in place of right-clicking. I hope that helps, and sorry for the problems!