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Kickstarter -- what would you want?

Started by CraigStern, October 11, 2012, 03:27:05 PM

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Hey guys! It is looking increasingly likely that I will be running a Kickstarter campaign for Telepath Tactics so that it can be the most polished, full-featured game possible when I release it.

I'm currently thinking of reward tiers to entice people to give; this is what I've got so far:

  • You are guaranteed a free, complete copy of Telepath Tactics upon its release.
  • Get the game early, with full access as it's being developed!
  • Get a special thanks in the game's end credits.
  • Get an awesome high-resolution digital poster designed by Benn Marion.
  • Get early access to the game's map editor so you can get a head start making your own battles and campaigns.
  • Name a character in multiplayer! (Submit any character name of your choice, within reason, to be included within the game's random name generator.)
  • Pick any destructible object (within reason) to be included in the game.
  • Appear in the single player campaign as an NPC!
  • Get listed as a Producer in the game's credits!
  • Your NPC will have a dramatic scene! (We'll work with you to decide the circumstances: death, romance, a narrow escape, etc.)
  • You get to name one of the islands in the Dundar Archipelago. This will become part of the lore of the Telepath series, and will remain the island's name in all games going forward.
  • Appear in the single player campaign as a villain!
  • Appear in the single player campaign as a unique, recruitable character in the player's army!
  • Help design a mission in the official single player campaign! Come up with an idea, then work directly with Craig Stern to develop the location, the design and character dialog; you'll be listed as an Assistant Designer in the game's credits.
  • Help design a new multiplayer game mode! Come up with an idea, then work directly with Craig Stern to develop the mechanics, and get listed as an Assistant Designer in the game's credits.
  • Craig will personally fly you out to Chicago and take you out for an evening of food and drinks at all of his favorite spots around town!

Can you think of anything I'm missing? Anything else you would want to see as a Kickstarter backer?


I'm new to fundraising, so when you say tiers, is it that tier with everything under it included? Or is it that tier only? On a side note, #16 seems like it would require a very high donation. :3


Re: the last tier: yes. :D

Re: the other thing, it depends on the tier. Every tier above 5 would include 1-5 for sure.


I'm not particularly interested in physical things or bonus rewards, so I can't think of anything I would want in particular, but it looks like a pretty comprehensive list.

Something I think might be a good idea, though: Some kind of physical reward, like an art print, t-shirt, keychain, something like that. From what I've seen, they sell like hot cakes. Also, I know you haven't shown the reward values yet, but some advice I've heard generally is to focus on mid-tier rewards. They're expensive enough to give you good money, but not so prohibitively expensive that no one will buy them.

8, 10, 12, and 13 sound a little worrying to me. I know there was a Kickstarter a while back that had a similar reward as its max tier level, but was quickly removed because the author got worried about trolling. Including a new character (especially a villain or recruitable one) majorly impacts the game, so it's a narrow path to walk. Maybe trim it down to just the cameo option? If you're confident you can handle it, then no worries, but I have heard that it's best to tread with caution.



About the "be in the game" stuff--I would exercise editorial control over it. It's not like contributors are going to come in and write part of the story; they're just going to have a character named after them, and maybe a few of their characteristics, and I'll decide how to integrate them with a minor role in the story. "Cameo" is a good way of putting it.


Is the NPC appearance for number 8 an unimportant one (Like the name of a merchant or a random tavern patron) or a semi-important one (Like a quest-related character)?


The #8 NPC would not be especially important, most likely a random villager or soldier for purposes of a single cut scene or battle.



How about an idea for an enemy? That is, cosmetic design, stats, location*, importance*, etc.

*- Would require the enemy to be featured in campaign, which could cost extra.


Craig, you already have these awesome assets, and the engine already works fine. Why do you need to fund development?

Also, when do you think you will start your kickstater?


Once I have final title screen art, I'll make a video and submit to Kickstarter.


Quote from: CraigStern on July 12, 2012, 01:03:49 PMThey'll have unique enemies, but no energy golems. I don't have the budget to commission a bunch of unique character graphics just for the campaign mode, unfortunately.
You might be able to get people's desired units into the game, while funding your kickstarter by making a "custom class" reward tier.  The kickstarter backer will request for a unique character graphics for something like a Wood-Folk, Ninja, Axeman, or Wooden Golem.  You then have your artist create a unique spirte and maybe some attacks to go with it. The beauty of a "custom class" reward tier is that you and any modder will have access to the new unit, and it will entirely paid for by one kickstater backer.

Based on the barrage of requests for new enemies and attacks on the TSoG Wish List, you might find a few indivduals who will pay good money to see their requests in the game.