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Roguelike: Talk me out of it!

Started by RaustBD, February 06, 2013, 09:17:43 AM

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Hey, I'm just curious about the permadeath and surrendering system, how the point of surrendering is to cut your losses since death is permanent, but you can always just reload your save, can't you?

So I've gotten the idea into my head that I should play the game like a roguelike, where I can't reload saves to undo losses and I have to start over entirely if my hero dies...

But something tells me that would be a really REALLY painful way to play the game. Is there some other way I can think about the permadeath issue without feeling like I'm cheating by abusing the hero's non-permanent death compared to his teammates?


Sure, it might sound like a painful way to play, but I'm actually thinking that's the way I'd like to go about playing the game -- it would add challenge, and feel more rewarding.


At the end of each battle, it seems like the game autosaves over your last saved file.  This means you can't reload to save your dead teammate unless you save your game in multiple files.


Which is exactly what it's quite tempting to do.