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Developer's Log

Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--new script action: TransferChar. This removes a character from any existing army rosters where it may appear, then if the character was found and removed successfully, adds that character to a specific army roster. In short, this lets you switch characters between armies while keeping characters who have suffered permadeath dead.

There are two parameters: the name of the character to transfer, with a colon delimiting the first and last name; and the roster number for the army to transfer that character to if the character is found alive.

For example: 

TransferChar     Jennifer:Faust,1

will cause the character named Jennifer Faust to be removed from any existing army rosters in which she appears, then—if the game found her in an army roster and removed her—add her to army roster 1.


--created new cut scene between Emma and Sabrina before Emma leaves to infiltrate the bandit stronghold

--added recruitable characters to the game: Tremolo Phalanges, Harriet Glaive, Lord Dakarai, Phoebe Wittler, Teresa Dayo, and Harynx.

--Lord Dakarai's recruitment dialog is now complete.

--the dialog box now dynamically rearranges itself to use the extra room at the top if there's no speaker in a dialog branch.


--modified the layout of the area outside the bandit fortress in anticipation of a battle to occur there

--did a bit of balancing and tweaking to the prison area of the bandit fortress

--made is so that SpawnChar actions no longer create smoke puffs over spawned characters and objects when they are run via dialog triggered with OnLoaded

--all of a character's attacks now show in the detailed character screen in exploration mode, even if they can't actually use them while in exploration mode

--fixed a bug with RemoveItem and RemoveItemByName that would sometimes cause the game to think characters were equipped with the wrong items

--fixed a typo in the manual with SetStat which says to use "Dmg" instead of the correct "Damage" when quietly adjusting a character's current health


--created recruitment conversations for Harynx and Tremolo Phalanges.

--new weapon type: the shiv. Shivs are basically the dagger version of Practice Swords and Practice Maces, in that they're a step below the more durable and effective iron version of that weapon type.


--created recruitment conversation for Harriet Glaive.

--created a bunch of short NPC conversations in the fortress barracks.

--added Roster Number condition documentation to the manual.

--fixed a few bugs (the game would freeze upon loading a battle which called for placing characters from a roster that had not yet been created; the game was carrying over extra army rosters that weren't expressly overwritten in Introduction.xml when starting a new campaign after playing an old one; and the game wasn't clearing the necessary UI elements from the screen after giving an item to another character)

--lots of testing and polishing of things in the bandit fortress.


--fixed a bug in which the OnLoaded trigger would cause the battle to end immediately if the player had a Protect Char condition and was in deployment mode when EndConvImmediately was called.


--created the first of the bandit fortress escape battles

--roughed out the beginnings of the second bandit fortress escape battle

--created new cut scenes further developing the relationship between Emma and Sabrina, and between Sabrina and Scarlet Etoile; plus introducing the characters Teresa Dayo and Phoebe Wittler


--created a complete rough draft of the second bandit fortress escape battle

--fixed a bug where it displayed the wrong portrait during Silas Harrowbeak's death monologue


--new script action: RemoveSpawn. This removes a character's spawn info before it ever has a chance to enter the battlefield. For occasions where particular characters are specified by name among the <Unit> tags of a map, but they won't be there on turn 0 and you don't want them to spawn on the turn they're scheduled to show up.

One parameter: character name, with first and last names delimited by a colon. There are three additional, optional parameters: Y Coord, X Coord, and Spawn Turn. These can be used to drill down to a particular character if the character shares a name with others among the <Unit> tags.

For example:

RemoveSpawn     Lord:Dakarai

will look for Lord Dakarai among the <Unit> tags on the current  map. If he's found, and hasn't spawned yet, he'll be removed from the characters due to spawn.


--balanced the second bandit fortress escape battle

--created a rain sound effect loop, thunder one-shot sound effect

--added a rain sound loop to the Donut Tower multiplayer map and the second bandit fortress escape battle


--in an effort to save some money, I modified the default shadowling cast animation myself to conform to the sprite for Pathos. 1.5 hours of work, and saved something like $150. Not bad. Something tells me I'm going to be doing more of this as time goes on.

--trimmed the width of the frames in character rest poses to optimize a bit and save on memory

--some minor bug fixes


--I modified the default shadowling cast animation to conform to the sprite for Tarion.


More sprite work:

--created modified versions of the crossbowman sprites and animations for Lakshmi Bana to reflect her darker complexion.
--created modified versions of the engineer sprites and animations for Teresa Dayo to reflect her darker complexion and afro hairdo.


--created modified versions of the spearman sprites and animations for Harriet Glaive to reflect her darker complexion.

--updated item classes in The Vengeance of Emma Strider campaign to account for promotion classes


--new character portraits completed: Harriet Glaive, Des Serret, Hee'la, and Malcolm Forchan.