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Developer's Log

Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--Create skills now gain the character 12 experience instead of 18.

--updated the manual with a more thorough explanation of experience and leveling. (The documentation was a bit out of date there, and did not include an explanation of either experience scaling or the more recent additions to the experience system.)

--the map editor now has a little box that sits in the corner and tells you what coordinates you're moused over on the map at all times


--fixed a few issues with the cut scene lighting code, and now we are go with that as well! ;)

--fixed a bug where characters using Create skills would not level up from them until the end of the turn

The game installers have been updated online! I highly suggest updating, as the new logging feature is going to make it way, way easier for me to figure out the nature of bugs you may encounter from this point on.


--new cut scene background: Castle interior! ;)

--fixed another couple of bugs re: the cut scene lighting code


--created some new object graphics: the bar top. (I did this because I was tired of using tables to stand in for the bar in the game's taverns; it just looks janky.)

--also: some tables with beer on them. (For authenticity's sake.)


Some balance changes:

--upon reaching level 5, Farasat Hashmal, Rebecca Flare, and Phoebe Wittler now each get +1 max range to their elemental blast attacks.

--Gavrielle Hashmal's starting strength reduced by 1.


--updated The Bramblebriar in Adelbrae with the new bar graphics. Now, to create a new tavern for the port city of Coria! :)


--new script action: FadePortrait. Causes a portrait to fade out over a certain number of frames. Two parameters: the portrait name, and the number of frames over which the portrait should fade out. There is an optional third parameter as well: delay. This tells the game to delay fading the portrait out for a certain number of frames--as where, for instance, the portrait is moving and you want to show it moving before it starts fading out.

--fixed a bug where the map editor wouldn't let you use hyphens in map names

--fixed a small bug in the cut scene class


--fixed a bug where enemies would attack player-created bridges even when they were occupied by item sacks (which are indestructible), leading to enemies dog-piling onto bridges and all dealing 0-damage


--new item: Wine! This reduces your Accuracy and Dodge by 20, but also increases your Slash, Pierce and Crush resistance by 20. Effects last for the whole battle. ;)

--drafted a new battle: the Coria Tavern fight. This is only battle 5 for the month, which means I'm behind, but it took me a while to think of a battlefield layout that I was actually happy with for this one. Hopefully, I'll be able to crank out the next two battles fairly quickly over the next two days to get back on track.

--created some new side-facing stairwell tiles for the Town tileset (visible in the screenshot below)


--some playtesting plus a few new tiles later, and we have an updated draft of the tavern brawl :)


--fixed a bug where OnStat-triggered conversations could end up overlapping OnTurn/0-triggered conversations and freezing the game

--fixed a bug wherein psy fighters would get the range bonus message over and over so long as they remained level 5

--fixed a bug wherein ranged damage falloff modifiers were being applied incorrectly (and inconsistently)

--new are optional fourth and fifth parameters for the OnCharDeath trigger: killer name (if you want the conversation to only trigger if a certain character killed the target); and non-killer names delimited by colons (the names of characters who will ensure this dialog won't trigger if they are the ones to kill the target).


--new cut scene showing what happens immediately after the battle at Adelbrae, prior to the group leaving town and encountering the caravan.

--fixed map editor bug where deleted objects would sometimes reappear when the tile was painted onto with a second character or object.

--fixed map editor bug where the drop-down list for alternative classes while editing objects would show their in-game class name rather than their full class name.

--fixed the map editor bug where it sometimes shows the wrong tile coordinates when mousing over a tile.

--fixed the (super annoying) map editor bug where sometimes panning the map or dragging the mouse cursor around wouldn't work properly.

I've updated the map editor installer online! :)


--fixed a really stupid bug where the game would immediately remove text overlays created with the AddTextOverlay dialog action if they included any commas. In related news, the second parameter in the AddTextOverlay dialog action is now delimited with a double-colon instead of a comma.

--fixed a game-crashing bug in the Five Guardians map :)


--added a section to the Telepath Tactics manual on reporting bugs with instructions on retrieving the error log

Also, I've updated the game's installers online. ;)


--created some new town tiles to fill in gaps in the tileset

--created new pressure-based trap type: the spike trap!

--updated the Coria Tavern battle. I now feel pretty good about it; I think I can move on to battle 6 for the month. (I am obviously really behind, but I'll see if i can make five more battles happen in the next little-more-than-a-week.)