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Started by CraigStern, February 11, 2013, 07:19:44 PM

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--new script action: WhoCanUse. Takes one parameter: the name of an item. This then checks every character you've recruited to see who meets all the requirements to use the item, then compiles their names into a string and saves it as the custom string variable _WhoCanUse.

This, for instance, will save the names of every character you have who can use an Iron Sword under the string variable _WhoCanUse:

<Action>WhoCanUse/Iron Sword</Action>

Because the string is saved to a custom string variaqble, you can then display it and use it as you would any other custom string variable. This, for instance, will display the names in dialog:

OnTurn/0/Goniff Bastid/Who can use an Iron Sword?  -STR:_WhoCanUse-

--I've updated the merchant encounters in the game with the ability to ask Goniff Bastid who can use the item you're currently looking at buying


--posted a new monthly update!

--increased the power of Blinded: it now reduces attack accuracy by 80% instead of 75%, and lasts 5-7 turns instead of 3-5 turns.

--increased the psy power damage multiplier for the elemental blast attacks from 1.2 to 1.3, essentially making them do an extra point of damage for every three points of psy power the attacker has.

(These last two changes are intended to make Farasat and the other psy fighters more viable in the early-to-mid game.)


--new cut scenes: flashback to the mines, and an optional relationship-building scene between Emma and Lakshmi


--fixed a bug where the game would cut off any dialog using forward slashes in the middle of the sentence.


--fine-tuned the mines / relationship-building scene

--fixed the bug in which characters who had shields equipped would start battle with less than full health. Characters that equip items which raise max health now remain at full health if they were at full health when they equipped it.

--mantis knights, photokurioses, and greater spriggats now have walk animations!


--fixed a bug (most noticeable in the battle with Ebon Raban in Coria) where passive enemies would take a really, really long time to decide they didn't have any targets in range on maps with lots of destructible objects. Relatedly: destructible objects with a TreatAsArmy tag will no longer draw passive enemies to attack if they're in range; the enemy must be taken off of passive mode first.


--created the Pyrokurios cast animation!

--fixed a bug where the game would not run all conversations separately when multiple OnStat dialogs were triggered at once


--reduced the cost of Place Snare Trap from 5 to 3.

--created the Arbalist crossbow animation ;)


--new script action: AddAttackerPortrait. This adds the default character portrait of the current attacking character to the screen. One parameter: facing (right or left).
This action only works when a character is in the middle of attacking (as in, with dialog triggered by OnCharDeath or OnCharAttacked). If no attacking character is found, no portrait will be shown.

--new special character: -ATTACKER- will substitute the name of the current attacking character.

--new cut scene with the lissit leading into their battle with Gulch.

--tested, balanced, added more content to the lissit's battle with Gulch.


--new cut scene in Coria

--new character portraits!

--added verbs "to take," "to give," and "to choke" to lissit, as well as words for "this," "coward," "honor," "ghost," "happily," and "willingly"

--death monologues for Meridian, Silithis, Des Serret, and Hee'la added


--finished the Arbalist attack animations.

--received a bunch of promoted unit walk animations (Caduceus, Skiakurios, Greater Spriggat, Photokurios, Mantis Knight, and the female Fencer).

--received portrait for Vitalia Spring.


--new character portrait, Oliver Spenks!

--new animation finished: the Puppetmaster's Cast animation


--new merchant scene in Coria rough draft completed

--new dialog attribute name; a unique string that allows you to identify the branch of dialog by name instead of by branch number.

--new reply type NamedBranch; instead of taking branch number as a parameter, it takes a branch name, then goes to the dialog branch with a name that matches it.

--new special character BNAME[]. Allows you to put a branch name in between the brackets; the game will automatically replace the special character with the number of the branch that has that name. (If there is none, it'll display -1.) This will let you navigate to branches by name instead of number using the game's GoTo script actions.

Much like the NextBranch reply type, these will make it much easier for me to create complex dialog trees--in particular, it means that I can go back and add in new branches in particular spots in conversations without having to redo the branch number references in every NewBranch reply and GoTo action everywhere else in the dialog.


--expanded the list of items the merchant in Coria sells considerably

--permanently changed the elemental blast range from 2 to 2-3, and ditched the thing where it would only increase at level 5. (Psy fighters were just not useful/survivable enough in the early game with the more limited blast range.)

--added Edwin Gabbergast to the game

--received a revised character portrait for Edwin Gabbergast (I decided to switch him from a spearman to a cavalier, which necessitated changing the armor in his character portrait).


--created the nighttime Coria tavern scene in anticipation of a cut scene there

--got some graphics for the save and load game interface screen! ;)