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The early access bug reporting thread

Started by CraigStern, February 18, 2013, 10:39:47 PM

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Three bugs I discovered today (Latest patch that I know of and everything)

In game-freeze.png, my stone golem at the bottom of the map had just used Smash (If I remember correctly: The golem damages and knocks back the target). After that, the game refused to respond to clicks and keys.

healthbar.png is more of a graphical glitch than anything. I had just had a healer use static shield on the unit in the image. The bar doesn't act oddly when maxHP is changed by an item, only Static Shield. (That I've seen.)

In movementbug.png, my swordsman had just swam out of lava, when he lost all of his movement points. This lasted throughout multiple turns.


Thanks! I just fixed the third one the other day, actually. It won't happen when I upload the updated demo tomorrow morning. :)

In the first one: did the game freeze as soon as the Swordsman was pushed back a space and took damage? Or did it freeze before that?


It froze immediately afterward. Then it stopped responding to the keyboard and mouse.

Sorry for the delay. Been busy.


Another bug. Got curious and tried using Adrenaline pills when I only had two HP left on a character. The attachment shows that the character was left with -1 HP, and was fully functional.

Afterward, I attempted to use "Hover" with a recently found Steamthropter. The Shield move killed the character. I'm guessing that it updated the variable, and made the game realize that my character had less than 0 health.

Interestingly enough, the game acted as if my character hadn't died. It presented me with the generic buttons such as Done, Rally, and End Turn. Pressing End Turn caused the game to realize that I lost.

Using Levitate after grabbing an item sack doesn't allow a mentalist to walk over hazardous tiles: i.e. lava. Screenshot of the bug in the attachments.

This lasted for multiple turns. Used Levitate the turn after, and the same happened. Another screenshot below.


Thanks! I think I've got that fixed for the next update. ;)


First of all, I backed your kickstart project yesterday, I hope you reach the goal!

I was trying the alpha and discovered this bug:

The health bar parameter seems to overflow when doing the following: clicking on an enemy to attack then while the animation is going hit ESC and click again (I know is a bit silly thing to do, but I was trying to cancel my action :P).


Thanks for the report! I'll look into that ASAP. :)


I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but in the weapon depot battle (the one pictured two posts above), at one point the enemy soldiers starting attacking bridge tiles I had made that had no use to me instead of pursuing me.

I had cleared out all the enemies on the map except for the two archers on the far left elevated region and the enemies that show up with the leader.  I had moved my units into the base in the middle of the map, and was setting up to really hit them hard once they came inside while also looting the barrels.  Two enemy swordsmen were ahead of the rest of their party, and they just started attacking the bridge tiles.  These tiles just extended 1 square into the water; they did not even reach the other side.  The swordsmen could have come around the base to attack me instead, but it was like they got distracted by the bridge tiles and decided to ignore pursuing me.  (I didn't know of these forums at the time, so it didn't occur to me to take a screenshot.)

Again, not sure if it's technically a bug, but the AI seemed screwy.  I guess it could have made sense if they were waiting for the rest of their party to catch up them and decided to just do that instead of standing there, but it didn't seem that way.


Yeah, that's a side effect of the code I used to make the AI go after your barricades if it can't reach your characters. It's still a work in progress. :)


Found these in school a couple days ago. A little bit of a list, so here we go:

  • When a spearman is attacking to his right, the animation shows him attacking left
  • If a character kills itself with a 3x3 attack (Including explode) the game freezes
  • The spiked barricade doesn't counter attack
  • The spiked barricade can recieve backstab damage
  • If a player attacks a spiked barricade within counter attack range, the game freezes. Only applies to the player, not the CPU.
  • When attacking on the bottom row of the screen, the damage value displays below the target character sprite
A few links to screenshots below, named in a self-explanitory way.

Bottom row damage
Spiked Barricade Failure

And a bit of a complaint: The "cancel" button covers the bottom right space when selecting a 3x3 area centered around a character.

Covered damage value


Hey bfb, are you sure you're running the latest version of the demo? I'm pretty sure I've fixed some of these; try updating and see if some of these go away.


Indeed, I was outdated. More like you had fixed all of them.


Looks like I spoke too soon. The damage value still refuses to display over a character on the bottom row of Little Lava Cave. Not consistently, however.


The Spiked Barricade can still receive back-stab damage.

Characters created during the game don't get an info box. Nothing when hovering over it with the mouse, and nothing appears when right clicking.

<Char charname="Undead Swordsman" spriteType="UndeadSwordsman" race="Human" sex="None" classname="Undead Swordsman" move="land" hurtParticle="Smoke" shadowType="Small" shadowY="32" ctr="None" onDeath="None" defaultAtkAnim="Rest" atk1="Sword" atk2="Shove" atk3="Pull" atk4="" atk5="" atk6="" atk7="" atk8="" hp="40" en="0" spd="4" ctrLimit="0" dodge="0" str="4" per="2" psyP="0" psyD="0" prcRes="0" slshRes="10" crshRes="20" mnRes="-10" htRes="0" cdRes="0" ltRes="0" shRes="0" poiRes="100" acc="100" lvl="1" exp="0" pushable="true"></Char>

Creating a character on a hazardous tile, such as lava, causes the game to place the character somewhere else, and prevents that character from being able to do anything. Other characters lose the ability to attack, although attacks and targets can still be selected. The game refuses to allow you to attack. Right clicking and ending the turn skips over the CPU's turn, regenerates energy for your units, and keeps everything else the same.

The unit that was created is circled, with an arrow pointing towards its intended spawn point.


last time i played the demo (the 2nd version i think) there was a time when there was some orange sqaures on the screen and i clicked undo to make them disappear but i found myelf undoing the enemies last move and in control of them. Also destructicble objects can be healed. i dont know if thats intentional.