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Telepath Tactics stretch goals: come vote!

Started by CraigStern, February 27, 2013, 01:57:52 PM

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What stretch goals should Telepath Tactics have in the upcoming Kickstarter campaign?

mobile ports (iOS / Android)
18 (30%)
a desert tileset
5 (8.3%)
a shadowling city tileset
8 (13.3%)
a dungeon tileset with traps, openable doors, scripted levers and buttons
28 (46.7%)
randomized battlefield generation
25 (41.7%)
extra NPCs with animated sprites
13 (21.7%)
extra character classes with animated sprites
36 (60%)
voice acting for the main campaign
4 (6.7%)
an extra branch in the main campaign
21 (35%)
professional, original sound effects
8 (13.3%)
other (list below)
7 (11.7%)

Total Members Voted: 60

Voting closed: March 18, 2013, 02:51:39 PM


I backed the game on the new Kickstarter campaign, really looking forward to it. Glad to see the new Kickstarter is going so well. Hopefully you can get the word out as much as possible - have you tried Evil Avatar, they often post info about Kickstarter campaigns.

My favourite stretch goals seem to match what others have voted for, a dungeon tileset and more classes. I would also like improved sprite animation, not that what you have isn't fine.

Hopefully the switches, buttons etc. in the dungeons wouldn't be too convoluted. This sort of thing isn't what I play strategy games for. Interesting and varied traps would be great.


Two things that I would like to see are male/female models for each class, and a class system which allows humans (at least) to progress through each class and learn different skills/abilities. Each is likely to be costly and/or time consuming, but they're things that I would like to see happen if enough funds are raised.


I voted for mobile ports, the dungeon tileset, and a scoring system.


1. upgraded artwork!
2. android
3. modding tools/support

I would vote against voice acting or spending a lot of effort on sound FX.  this is the kind of game i'd generally play on silent anyways, and unless you can afford REAL actors (not b listers), the voice acting will just be annoying.  I click through most of the dialog as fast as humanly possible anyways.

will there be any overland exploration type stuff (ala shining force and it's ilk), or is the entire game fight -> dialog -> fight -> dialog like the demo?

thanks! looking good so far.


Hey bloodwars, to answer your question: there is no exploration mode planned, as there wasn't much interest in the idea when I floated it in the initial campaign, and adding it would be kind of a pain.


Hi, just discovered this game from the Delver's Drop update and pledged yesterday. Been wanting a tactical turn-based fantasy game like this for a while, good to know one's being made!

Sad to hear about the lack of exploration mode - this sort of highly involved tactical stuff I always find particularly fun with a small (3-6) party travelling over an extended, continuous world.

My picks:
randomized battlefield generation
a shadowling city tileset
extra NPCs with animated sprites (+other: of both genders and a few nonspecific ones you could use for either/neither/both)EDIT: the current sprites work just fine for that I'd say, so I'd assume future characters would be along similar lines. EDIT2: except I suppose that the swordsman and crossbowman both have visible boobs... anyway, extra NPCs with animated sprites remains my choice.

Honourable mention:
other: extra resources to create character classes and sprites (specifically in the style of Telepath Tactics)
professional, original sound effects
a dungeon tileset with traps, openable doors, scripted levers and buttons
mobile ports (iOS / Android)
extra character classes with animated sprites

I'd rather not if they took any resources whatsoever away from anything else:
a desert tileset - don't really see the point unless we're talking about new environmental features, status effects, effects on injury (humidity, infection, fatigue), etc., in which case this would be bumped up to honourable mention
an extra branch in the main campaign - I'm usually not too keen on the main campaign in any game, would rather play a short main campaign and a lot of mods
voice acting for the main campaign - too risky, also puts up too much contrast with any mods