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Multiplayer - ranked matches?

Started by machine, June 18, 2013, 10:05:53 AM

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I've seen the multiplayer aspect of this game described as 'hot-seat', which I guess means taking turns at a single PC.  Will there be an online multiplayer component too?  Ranked matchmaking would give this game immense replay value and make competitive multiplayer rewarding.


There will be online multiplayer via play-by-email. Other than that, the current focus is on single player.

(The community has been pretty loud about its preference for single player--and being only one guy, I unfortunately have to set some limits on the scope of the project to ensure that Telepath Tactics releases in a reasonable time frame.)


How does play-by-email work?  This seems like an embarrassingly basic question, but I hadn't heard of that process before.  I imagine it's actually some synching between an e-mails sytem and the game directly.  Is that close to correct?


Basically, the game will generate a file at the end of your turn, which you'll email to the next player. They'll take their turn, then send their turn file to the next player; and so on.


does this mean there will be a limit of 2 human players for email? maybe im not following right.


Nothing inherent to the system he describes would suggest the limit should necessarily exist; however, it might take some shenanigans to adapt an existing system from 2-player to n-player, and he's a bit crunched for time and energy, so who knows?