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some questions concerning modding and multiplayer

Started by bum_199, September 02, 2014, 01:52:04 PM

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Everything about this game looks great. When it comes to modding i have some questions though.  I know you can mod campaigns but i have never figured out whether multiplayer matches will be moddable. Will that be an option? Also a while back i had asked about destructible objects having attacks. From what i gather they will but will not be capable of ranged attacks. is that right?  My last question is about multiplayer. Is it still planned to be hotseat or play by email or some other means of online? Just wondering. I'd love to see these as options. Thanks for reading.


Multiplayer is moddable in precisely the same way as single player. You can create maps, character classes, attacks, AOE patterns, items, and so on. The only real difference at present is that you cannot change map music and you cannot string multiple battles together in a sequence.