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Invincible Bug Queen Glitch

Started by Emperorofcheese, January 18, 2014, 12:15:13 AM

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I am getting quite frustrated with TRPG. Years ago, I played through the story and decided to revisit it. However, now I am at a crossroads between raging at the game and leaving it in the dust. Once I get to the Fourth Mission, and I get to the Bug Queen, the game hates me. THE BUG QUEEN HAS NO HIT BOX!!! Unless I am a complete and utter failure at life and am attacking the wrong square, The Queen is untargetable and therefore, game breaking. I am sorry if this is the wrong area to report bugs (excuse the pun), but I am new to the forums and was really hoping for either a solution or a time frame to when it will be fixed.

BUG INFO: I am using Google Chrome (desktop version), Windows 8, and am playing the game via the Sinister Design Website. I use Darkling, Shadowboxer, Niven, The Hero, and either Anya or Guy on my team and am usually lv 9 at the time (I have had this problem on 3 different saves).


Hey, I decided to include a screenshot to show that I'm not just full of crock and legitimately CAN'T play through the game.


Hm; I haven't seen this one for a long time. Where are you playing the game? It might be an outdated version.


Thanks for replying. Sorry I couldn't get back sooner, I went camping and just got back.

I'm not sure what you mean by "where" I am playing. If you mean region, I am on the West coast. If you mean what site I am playing on, I am playing on the sinister design website right here I think it was just the first link I saw when I Googled Telepath and clicked on it.

I ended up switching to Armor Games's version and it worked on there, though I've realized that some of the numbers (HP, Damage, save slots) are slightly different and it's messing with my mind!


Hm, okay. I didn't realize it happened in the Sinister Design version. Thanks for letting me know!


Quote from: CraigStern on January 27, 2014, 07:52:36 PM
Hm, okay. I didn't realize it happened in the Sinister Design version. Thanks for letting me know!

That weird... I recently started a playthrough of TRPG 2, (Same URL) and I had no problems with the queen.
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And some other funky stuff has been known to happen when trying to replay the battle through the Dark Spriggat, but that's a matter all to its own, and realistically doesn't require addressing.