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Problem getting the early access to download

Started by Purplemandown, December 21, 2013, 02:47:51 PM

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Hey everyone,

Today I finally got around to buying into the early access for Telepath Tactics.  However, after paying for it, and getting my pdf with the download links, the links are broken (I'm getting 404 not found on all of them).  What should I do about this?




Is the early access file going to be updated soon?
been a while since the last update to my download link and im curious to see the new changes :)


I'm having issues downloading the newest version:
QuoteSorry, an error has occurred.
The application cannot be installed due to a certificate
problem. The certificate does not match the installed
application certificate, does not support application upgrades,
or is invalid. Please contact the application author.


Ah; that's because the certificate expired. As mentioned in the August update, you'll need to uninstall the game, then reinstall it from scratch.