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[Request] Alternate data path

Started by TheBouncingBunny, April 24, 2015, 11:42:37 AM

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So right now to do custom art for a campaign, we'd need to have it in the root data folder, correct? This can be a bit odd if someone wants to uninstall someone's campaign, as they'd have to hunt for all the extra art. Also, if someone wants to have alternative art for something, people would have to replace their files and possibly mess up other campaigns.

Perhaps campaign folders could have their own data folder. The game could look for files in that data folder first, and then go to the default folder if the file doesn't exist. That way any art is easily uninstalled, and alternative art wouldn't have to replace all other campaigns.


Indeed. This has been on the agenda for things I'd like to add in post-release, but I haven't had time to code it in just yet--too many bugs to take care of first. It's on The List! :)


I'm working on a campaign that will most likely have a bunch of custom art, so this is definitely a need within the custom campaign system. What would be fantastic is if the entire custom campaign could be contained in a single zipped file/folder so there is no need to have an extensive and confusing installation process. Thanks Craig for all your hard work on this game!