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Main Campaign Strat guide

Started by RaijinKnight, April 25, 2015, 01:42:22 AM

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So.... I might be missing something obvious. Can't find a main campaign strategy guide. If there isn't, would anyone be interested in one? Sun Tzu style, of course.


I've been playing fairly well so far, but haven't gotten that far yet; I might think about making one once I beat the game once at least though

Edit: Maybe I'm not the best one to think about making a strat guide in hind-sight xD
Playing a second playthrough (first one got to Igor's castle), after realizing I missed Meridan, I can't seem to beat that rescue mission lol


This is a sort of list of general tactics for playing the game: Telepath Tactics: 24 Tips for Survival.

As far as a mission-by-mission strategy guide, though, I don't believe there is one at present.


Yeah, I saw the general tactics advice. But seeing as nobody seems interested I doubt I'll start one. My inner perfectionist is going to create too much trouble >_<


I'm early in the game, but here are some notes that are mission specific:
Anything before escaping Lizard camp- can't lose as long as you use the bandage when prompted.
1. Bandits in woods- Put a snare on someone's exposed backside so that the 2nd enemy gets caught while you focus down the first one.  Go right and attack the bushes (not the trees) to get a treasure,  You'll need 2 attacks to break the treasure, but can just let the battle end to pick it up if you don't want to waste the move (this apparently applies to all lose bags).
2. Bandits in Town- have everyone pull back while the swordladies use sprint to get to the houses and open the chests.  By having your healer/mentalist "exposed" compared to the rest of your allies the AI will waste time trying to alternate sides flanking your formation.  Once you kill all the advancing group the battle ends, so if you want the left chest will probably need to send someone there at the start.
3. Save the Caravan- Left person (Crossbowman) is in higher danger, but she'll use her bandage to hold out for a while.  Sending a sword lady nearby with her back exposed can peel off one of the Xbow's attackers and allow her to survive.  Whoever you send to her can give her a bandage as well once recruited.  When boss bandit comes, try to attack primarily with your bows/magic to avoid counters.  Note the characters you recruit get a free turn when recruited despite having gone immediately before you.

In the shop, leather armor+iron helmet= more defense than Chainmail for less money.  Ensure people have more than 30 uses of their weapon.  The special deal is a grappling hook which is probably cool but I could not afford it after I purchased what I thought I needed.

4. Save Meridian the Spriggan- For the first 8 turns or so, nothing will attack you unless you move into strike range. Take at least one turn to fill up your caster's Energy by putting them on the "front of the start" and resting. The Bowman that argued with the bandit boss can be recruited by the Striders.  The Lever near the cell opens the door; you can shove the bottom bandit off the cliff in a spot of land that'll trap him.  Whoever walks on the captive becomes slow (-2 move, so Calvary is the best if you want to escape quickly), and you win the mission by having that person touch the escape point (regardless of who else escapes).  The early stage of the giant force can be killed by attacking while retreating, especially with Bowmen and Calvary.  It's theoretically possible to kill everyone by chokepointing (use right bridge) and using ranged attacks to kill enemy ranged units.  Be careful of arrow units with high ground, they have more range and hurt more.


Can anyone confirm that loose bags get picked up for you? That would be a massive help in some specific instances. However, a move isn't really wasted, as it is a free action. I'm thinking here about defeating the last bunch of enemies and not having time to pick up the bags before the game ends the map.


Craig side in another thread every map of the default campaign has auto-bag pickup enabled- while pickup isn't an attack it's still an extra space to move onto the spot and move backwards for chests tucked far away from battle.


This has the potential to be a lifesaver. Thanks!


Thought I'd add more to this "guide"

5. Battle Gunther: I like to put the mages in front of this formation and first turn rest so they'll have plenty of magic for when they get close to action.  Lead with your archer troops to take advantage of the irregular mountain terrain.  Make sure to recruit the Fire Mage with the Strider's Talk command.  Meridian you'll want to feed KOs but have her avoid arrow shooters unless it's time to deal the killing blow- Her breath attack is great for hitting 2 targets but removes her ability to retreat post attack.  The boss hits pretty hard but can be downed fast with 4-5 focused attacks (using hit and run units)- winning the battle immediately.  This is the first mission where thieves will spawn to attack treasure chests and try to steal the goods.  A Strider with Sprint or Scarlet deployed to the left should be able to get there in time.

6. Defend the Tent:  Enemies will gradually spawn in from the Bottom, then Top Right, then Bottom again, then finally Top Left.  The island Treasure chest basically needs Meridian or archers to open it; if you use archers the Open Bag should be autolooted post fight.  To get the bottom right chest find a path that only needs bushes cut to advance.  Scarlet or a Bowman will be able to get there most efficiently.

7. Infiltration: your first exploration mode map.  Explore everywhere you can before going into Fera's room (Topmost door), including getting free swords from "Using" weapon racks and getting the money near the Dice game guy to play with.  Talk to Fera until she leaves, and steal the map and the battle primer (use on a unit at level 4 or less).  Go down to the Prison and tell the guard to let you in.  If you try to steal the guard gets first strike, but you steal a bandage from him so it's probably worth it (he can back attack you easier than you can him).  Use the Keys to open all the Cell doors.  Don't leave until you've rescued all the prisoners.

8. Escape Interior.  In order to win Emma must touch the escape tiles- nothing else matters.  You can get some nice EXP for everyone fighting the first 1-3 waves, but after that Fera comes out and she'll be painful to death with.  Put Lord the Golem on the bottom front, with Harriet the Spear Lady and Emma Nearby, after moving golem toward the exit, have Spear lady shove him so he can attack, then motivate him with Emma to attack again.  Have shadowling in Back rest first round so heals can be plentiful later- despite flying he still can't pass over units so keep that in mind.

9. Escape Exterior.  You have a few turns before danger happens, but don't get complacent.  An enemy Army will appear in the west, it's boss and casters are not aggressive.  Your escapees will appear in the north center after a few rounds, followed by Aggressive strong troops.  You can choose to build a bridge directly north of the start (faster access, but another bridge to demolish later), or where the drawbridge would end up being.  The enemy will eventually lower the main bridge, and if they do anything that "was" where the bridge appears dies- so making your bridge there is a fun way to crush your enemies by taking a stand on your side of the shore after you get everyone safe.  If you built enough things with Teresa the Engineer she'll have access to her bomb skill which you can use to destroy the bridge and strand Fera- bombs explode when killed and break a 3x3 area centered on them.  Lakshmi (crossbow girl) is really good at detonating bombs (or wood/ice bridge segments) if she's learned her fire shot by now- fire magic or a team of spear/arrow pokes will also work.  Victory occurs when Emma reaches the White escape points.  The chest off to the upper left is going to need dedicated attention from Meridian or a bridge built to it, the lower left can be reached by Scarlet your Calvary without provoking the west boss if you stay low.


10- Apple picking.  A lot of this mission is randomly generated.  The bushes all over the place make ranged units, fly units, and the assassin's leap ability very useful.  You can end the mission early by destroying the trees and grabbing bags, or just pick everyone off.

Shopkeep returns.  You can buy a single helipack as a special deal- it gives cheap 1 round flight that ends start of their next turn (you can cross water but don't recommend staying there).  Get iron helms for everyone who can wear them and replenish your likely dwindling weapon supply. especially crossbow, bow, and knife.

11- Psychic Toll.  This mission can be very scary, which is why they let you buy your way out of it for 100 aura.  However, it is very beatable.  Make sure to bring your light and Ice mages, Engineer, and everyone who can shove.  Deploy Emma in the way back because the Cutscene will give her free move.  First round hang back and rest stay out of every caster's range to get Energy.  Then with your engineer plant two bombs in a vertical line near the water.  Provoke the front two mages to approach the bombs and detonate one (light magic or spear) to cause a chain explosion.  This should leave them near dead so focus them down.  When the other mages approach those who killed the Cryo/Light mages, shove them into the tiny pools or the lake at the bottom- between the Striders, Harriet, Scarlet's charge, and Louis telekinetic pull you can disable everyone.  Before the Stone Golem gets to reach anyone, rush your ice mage to him and freeze him.  While her success chance is elevated, keep a motivate or psychic pull to retrieve her if she fails.  Once the non-healer mages are dead, carry the golem into the water- reapplying freeze if needed.  With the shores of the water surrounded the golem is harmless and you can taunt the healer for massive exp.

12- Moonlit Lizards.  The first Fog of war map, movement cannot be undo so take your turns step by step and consider not spending your last move point unless it's to retreat.  You have 15 turns before the lights turn on and everyone goes into aggressive mode- until then they only attack if they can both see you and you are in range.  Exploit the snare trap for massive effectiveness- everything drops bandages so share the wealth since your main guy doesn't start with any.  You want to go straight north, then west, then south to find Glutch and his fire mage.  Rush the fire mage the turn after you find it's position, and take it out quickly.


Special tip: the Assassin's Leap lets it jump onto boulders in the middle of water--consequently, you can use the boulder as a stepping-stone to reach the chest in the top-left of mission 9 using Tremolo. ;)


Is it still the case that regular walking doesn't work on water boulders?


Correct--you have to use one Leap to get onto the boulder, and a second Leap to jump to dry land.


I don't have anything specific, but here are a few tips that are useful to know:

- Take a look at the thread on grinding. Certain moves (such as movement and healing) can be used repeatedly and indefinitely to get effectively infinite experience, if you have the time. Try to take advantage of this if you have free turns, especially towards the end of a battle.
- Use Meridian to open chests. Not only can she reach hard-to-get ones by flying, she's also one of the few characters with a physical attack that doesn't wear down a weapon. The kineticists' blast attacks can also work.
- Keep Harynx (the shadowling) alive at all costs. She's a healer in disguise.
- Give the hovercraft to your favored assassin (Tremolo or Nalia) -- with 9 move, they can make the best use out of it.
- Grapple chains are best used by flyers, especially Harynx. If there's water, you can place them just outside the enemies' range and it's like lambs to the slaughter. This is particularly effective in battles with high elevation, like the Coria hills.
- Don't use fliers in the Coria bridge battle. The enemies will eventually get a slew of mentalists, who will murder them with Gravity Spike.
- Bring a Hashmal into the Coria Dogs basement battle.


Coria Cliffs.  The map is in a sideways S shape, the lower right corner is on high elevation so you'll need to send Meridian your flyer to get the chest there before the thief appears- don't rush the healers with her or the longbowmen will kill her.  When I played this mission you could swim back to land regardless of elevation but that's been patched out now- so do NOT let yourself be pushed into water, or you will die.  Sabrina's Snares are great in these narrow paths but be careful you don't block yourself.
When you get to the golem, take advantage of it's short move range and position yourself so if it "can" attack anyone, they can only throw them onto the solid ground you approached from.  At the top, kill the mages and leave the healer alive for an easy time grinding experience.   

Coria Bridge.  It's quiet, too quiet.  Give your engineer the hover pack so she can drop a bomb on the other side of the water hole in the bridge and then barricade the open square above the water hole.  Move your ground forces to the bottom edge of the bridge.  When the Calvary comes, they'll stupidly attack the bomb you placed and destroy all but the southmost member.  Your ranged attackers can get free exp shooting the drowning while your swordgirls and calvary take turns fighting the last knight in the chokepoint.  Get new bridge tiles to cross the hole you blasted so you can move and reach the shadow mages.  Withdraw a bit and spread out when the spriggans come so they can't use breath on you or get healing support.  Keep far away from the edges (and generally hold back your flyers) when the mentalists appear since they know gravity.  Since 2 healers and 2 mentalists will attack in a group, make sure your attacks either kill, stun, or push into water holes.  As long as you stay away from the left edge of bridge the final crossbowman and engineering bombing even won't harm you.  When enemies stop approaching, free grind exp (anyone except emma can go and kill the left xbow and engineer).  Make sure to grab the chest to the south and build bridges to the north.  Raban will have disappeared but left his sweet gear behind and you want to send melees rather than meridian to fight his Xbow escorts.

In town make sure to buy knife upgrades for your assassin (he gets a LOT stronger with iron knife), and restock other's iron weapons as well (Bows, Xbows, Harriet's spears).  Steel weapons are an option but their durability is low.  You can buy blood orbs to help your healer's HP, lots of armor, healing/Energy restore.

Coria Bar.  There's a lot of targets, but they are mostly weak.  Keep your sides/backs safe from thieves.  Bandits will start counterattacking (they didn't use to do this) and the ones guarding the east have throw Axes which can one-shot unlucky mages.  Since the thieves have high dodge, you can avoid missing by using mental attacks (mind blast from all your casters) or stunning them with snares.  You can easily open/close all doors except the iron one near the "boss" and the AI will not, feel free to exploit this.  The archers on the NE part are very strong and counterattack ranged attacks so get some melee up the back stairs (careful where you walk to avoid the spike trap before you open the east door.  Don't forget that shove and pull work on stools and barrels; while things like the bar counter will open nicely if you use Firexbow or magic.  Once you pull the lever the spike trap in front of the iron door will go away and the Dastard will come to you.  Putting longbowmen up the stairs can take some pot shots on his approach; if you leave one of the double doors open, you can easily trap him by opening the other side, letting another melee walk through the 2nd door and re-closing it all in one turn.  You can kill the civilian to avoid him spamming each round with his worthless turn, but doing so causes you -100 bonus points on the battle score.  Totally worth it IMO- the game get too slow on these long battles to afford letting him live.

Coria Basement.  You'll notice one of the Assassins here is a lot stronger than the rest; and her last name is Hashmaal.  Make either your Bow-woman or your light mage talk to her to discover she's a cousin and recruit her.  Push a stool in front of the staircase to the west (not on top of it) to help block level 9 thieves from joining the fight later.  You could also farm them for exp while staying outside the Light wizard's range.  He uses big AOE lightbomb spells so spread out on approach, use range fire attacks to open the spike barriers and finish the level.

Shop again.  Get another blood orb if you like, and a chance for more consumables and weapon replacements.

Cora Ebon riders battle.  You have a new Male Calvary guy to equip and use.  Guess it's easier to be an old warrior when you don't have to walk everywhere.  I saw all the civilians and dreaded how long their turn might take so I haven't actually played this one yet.