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HD portrait project

Started by Omndra, April 27, 2015, 02:02:10 PM

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I don't want to step on Regurge's toes, but I kinda have to. This work was done before I saw what he was doing.
That said I aim to recreate all the portraits in my own weird little art style. Is there any interest in a project like this?
Here are some examples:

There might be a problem with these portraits, because the originals use a purple Croma key for palette swapping. I like to use colors in a way that makes that a big problem. If someone would like to offer their technical assistance in disabling that feature for this mod I would really appreciate it.


Ha, nice! If you want to avoid palette-swapping, all you have to do is avoid the particular hex values listed in the manual. I imagine you could make that happen by making your versions of the portraits, then sweeping the portraits with a color replace tool to change all team colors that end up in there to something with a very similar (but not identical) hexidecimal value.


I guess I'm doing the rest of them then.
I'm guessing it'll take me 2-3 weeks.

Are the talking prototypes used?


Nope--they were just for testing purposes, as i did not end up with the time and resources to create animated variants of every portrait (to say nothing of coding the necessary systems to make them actually animate).