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A couple XP bugs

Started by captainjack101, April 30, 2015, 01:42:41 PM

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I started a new campaign after 1.026 and my characters turns do not end after they level up. Haven't had this bug before 1.026. It's like you didn't attack in the first place after leveling up. Characters can move remaining spaces and attack again as well as using items after attacking for classes that attacks don't end turn like bowmen and spriggat. The logs uploaded happened a turn after Emma, Lakshmi and Gavrielle leveled up and got a second attack.

Another XP exploit that may or may not be intended I found happens when you pull a target, but only with a physical move (sorry kinetic pull). You get twice as much XP as pushing targets, presumable because the game thinks you are displacing 2 targets instead of 1.


Yeah, I've been experiencing the same thing. I came on to report it myself


Thanks for the report! I just fixed the level-up extra turn bug for the next build. :)