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Questions about version updates

Started by AK Dave, May 05, 2015, 11:40:02 AM

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AK Dave

1) I have version 1.25 right now (for Mac). When I open the game, it does not ask me if I wish to upgrade to the latest version like it did when I first bought the game. I believe we are on version 1.28 right now. How can I update to the latest version?

2) If I do upgrade to the latest version in the middle of a campaign, will the changes be implemented immediately, or do I need to start a new playthrough?

Let me know if anyone has answers. Thanks.


Hey Dave! Are you using the GOG version?

If so: they required me to remove any features that involve connecting automatically to the internet, which means the game can't check for updates. You should be able to procure an updated installer from the GOG site.

If not: make sure your computer is connected to the internet when the game starts up, and that it's not being blocked by a firewall.

AK Dave

Thank you for the reply. I use the Mac version that I downloaded directly from the Sinister Design site. So, not the GOG version.

Internet is definitely connected when I start up. I guess I'll have to look into whether there is a firewall in the way. I suspect that may not be the issue since the game notified me of a new version and gave me a link to download when I first downloaded and opened it (at version 1.0).

I'll play around with it some more and see what happens.


Hm, okay. I suggest redownloading from BMT Micro (the file has been updated there); hopefully that should fix it!


Any idea on when the GOG version will update?  I see 1.29 is out on Steam but it's not been out on GOG for at least 3 days...


I emailed them with the updated build at the same time I deployed for direct purchasers and for Steam users--I can't make GOG actually post the update, unfortunately. I recommend nagging them. ;)