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Weird spear/javelin bug

Started by Thaecrasis, May 07, 2015, 09:55:36 PM

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During this mission somewhere near the end, Harriet at some point had her weapon unequipped (In the log, I think it's at the point where it says "Harriet Glaive has 4 attacks total"),
And when I re-equipped her javelins, they now had a range of 6, and her spear had a range of 4. I'm not sure what caused this, but it seems like the game registered that she still had the range of her spear after it got de-equipped, and when she put on the javelins, it gave the base 4 range on top of the 2 she still had somehow.

I'm not sure what caused this, as nothing extraordinary happened between when she last attacked an enemy (roughly 7 or 8 turns prior to this), and when I noticed this.

I've never seen this happen before, so not sure how or why this occured.

Image of her extra range:

Edit: Also, un-equipping her spear, then re-equipping it, still has her have 4 range with it, and 6 with javelins when un-and-re-equipped again


Hm; I'm going to take this as a manifestation of the equipment-swapping bug, as the range bonus tag would have been removed had the weapon been unequipped through normal means.


I just noticed that this bug even continues into other missions as well now :/

Oh well, for the time being, I'm just going to attack using only the default ranges; I don't want to exploit this at all


For some reason this bug keeps persisting, and getting even weirder now. A few missions after where this first occurred, and I don't even have any javelins anymore, but now her regular spear range is 6 tiles (the same as the extended javelin range from the bug). The damage reduction over distance still applies (pretty much only 1-3 damage at the 6th tile), but still an exploit/bug nevertheless.