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Reduce length of Frozen status

Started by Thaecrasis, May 15, 2015, 09:31:27 PM

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I think a simple reduction of 1-2 turns is needed, since at the current moment, I'm doing the battle with Archos, and one frost spriggat froze Rebecca(who's the only one who can undo Frozen) and Lakshmi and they remained frozen for 5 turns. Now while I get Ice element's ability is to freeze, it's a little overpowered at the moment, I find.

One attack should not be able to incapacitate 1 (or more) units for essentially the length of a whole battle with a group of enemies, or longer.

Edit: I suppose the same should be said for most other status effects, both good and bad. For example, I used Frost Armour on Harriet and with her iron helm, chain chest, and natural resistance + Hardened, she had 80% pierce resist and 100% slash resist for about 5 turns as well, which now is overpowered against the AI. In this case the AI simply never attacked Harriet because they they couldn't even inflict damage to her. In the heat of battle, having any status effect last for 4 or 5 turns seems just a bit too much imo.


I agree with this sentiment.  With the exception of Stunning (which usually wears off in 1 turn) status attacks feel a little overpowered at the moment, especially freezing and blinding. 


Ice/Freeze feels only op because spriggats are a bit op and appear unexpectedly in the middle of the fight behind the back line.

Btw. according to the manual cryo blast attack has 50% chance to freeze. If you put on a blue orb, you have 50% resistance to cold, therefore immune to freeze status. This is why I put the blue orb on both magi. Unfortunately, it is just another minor bug that the orb doesn't provide the status immunity.


Yeah, status effects are brutal in the SP campaign. During the second mission in the mines, there were about 6-7 of those shadowlings running around and casting Terror on whoever was holding down the incoming enemy forces. Since the effects all stack, Sabrina ended up with 4 slow and 3 weakness debuffs stacked on her, which gave her -1 movement (1 if I used sprint) and -108% mental resist until the end of the fight. The coffee consumable may have helped, depending on whether it removes a full stack of debuffs or just one.


Anything that removes a status effect type should remove every instance of it from the character--so caffeine pills should remove an entire stack of Slowed statuses once used.

That is odd that you can apparently still be frozen when equipped with the blue orb. If that happens to one of you, do me a favor and tap 'L' as soon as it happens, then submit a bug report--that definitely shouldn't be occurring.


Also, it should be possible to use melt (if enough energy is there) if the user is frozen to thaw himself out. That'd make sense to me and also helps out a little to deal with multiple icy opponents at once (aside from gratitious thermal paste).